July 26 - 31, 2016

Biblically Grounded

 The most important thing to us is that we remain grounded in the Word of God, the Bible. We teach the Bible in sessions, seminars, tracks, and youth group time because we believe it is the single most important thing to use as a launching point in following

after Christ.

Local Church Minded

We strive for sustainable relationships, not spiritual highs. As such, we work towards your youth group growing together by housing them together per gender, enabling them to serve together and offering options that are youth group geared. We also have “youth group time” every night in which the group processes the day together.

All in One

 Think of Momentum as a one stop shop for your needs at conference. Don’t worry about finding hotel or where you’re going to eat, it’s all on campus. Let us worry about the logistics and free you up for shepherding your students during the week and having a great experience yourself!

Momentum Youth Conference 2016

July 26-31, 2016   Cedarville, Ohio


Students and adults alike often hear that who we are is based on what we do...who we are is what we have...who we are is what we feel... These voices are loud. They’re working hard to convince us to find belonging, find meaning, find identity in the anything and everything. But though we look for identity; though we spend ourselves that we might know where we belong... there is another voice that whispers through the noise. Our hearts are turned heavenward. And we are reminded that we belong to a Father. We were created by a loving King. We bear a new name, the one of a Great Son. So, with confidence we can say, “I belong, I am love, I am YOURS.” Our 2016 theme focuses on what it means to find our identity in being God’s children.



Leader Testimonies

Dynamic Speakers

Momentum is privileged to host speakers every year who connect well with Momentum’s demographics. We invite speakers who challenge attendees in their walk with Christ and spur students to desire growth and action.

Integrated Outreach

 We believe it’s our biblical mandate to live ON MISSION. As such, we make opportunities available for outreach and evangelism every afternoon, training students to be able to transfer these experiences back home.

Authentic Worship

Each session at Momentum allows time for our students to respond to God through prayer and singing and every year students and staff say that times of worship are one of their favorite things about the conference.

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fOLLOW the momentum



Momentum Youth Conference

momentum youth



Challenging students to experience jesus and follow him

summer youth conference for students 6th - 12th grade

challenge student to experience Jesus and follow Him

Summer conference for

students 6th-12th grade

challenging students to experience Jesus and follow him

Follow the


challenging students 6th - 12th grade to

experience Jesus and follow him



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