Cancellation Policy

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The required minimum payment of $75 is non-refundable and non-transferable.


As a general rule, all Momentum student registration payments are nonrefundable. However, all monies in excess of the deposit can be transferred to a new registrant. The new registrants fee is determined by the date of their registration.


A request for consideration of a refund or transfer of monies paid in excess of the $75 deposit must be submitted by completing the “Notice of Cancellation Form” and postmarked or faxed by June 15th.  


● While an e-mail or phone call to the Momentum office or Registrar communicating to indicate a cancellation and/or to inquire about this policy are welcomed, these forms of communication do not qualify as notification, and the Momentum office/Registrar is not accountable for processing the refund request. The individual cancelling is responsible to complete and submit the “Notice of Cancellation” accompanied by proper documentation (as stated on the form) in order to be considered for a refund. This form is available for download above.


● Refunds are not guaranteed and will be left up to the discretion of the Momentum Finance Committee.


● A full or partial refund (less the non-refundable $75) might be considered if a student or leader has to miss Momentum for one of the four following reasons: medical emergency, jury duty, military call to duty, or a death in the immediate family, defined as parents, siblings and grandparents.  Reasons beyond these four do not qualify for refund consideration.


●If a refund is approved, it is payable in the same way the initial payment was received. Credit Card accounts are credited the refund amount; checks are sent to those who paid by check. Refunds are no longer transferable to other Momentum accounts.


● If canceling between the dates of the June 15 “Notice of Cancellation” deadline and the July 18th start of conference, please contact for assistance.


No refund of any monies will be issued if participant cancels/leaves after the start date of Momentum (July 18, 2017).


Child Policy


It is CE National’s goal that Momentum be a week that focuses on students’ relationships with God, their fellow students, and their church’s youth workers. We desire that youth workers give their full attention to their students and the ways God may be moving in their lives during the week. Therefore, Momentum is not designed or marketed to be a family conference. Provisions are not made for whole families to attend. However, if it becomes necessary for parents to bring their children (infant through 5th grade) with them to Momentum, the policy below is in effect.


Policy Eligibility: To be eligible to register a child for Momentum the parent(s) must be registered as

            (a) “Staff “(these are Momentum Staff positions by CE National’s invitation only); or

            (b) Adult Guest

Because those adults registering as “Youth Worker” are required to be housed  in the dorms with the students and serve as chaperones, their infant – 5th grade children are not eligible for attendance at Momentum, as we do not allow children to be housed in the dorm with students. If a local church’s youth worker needs to bring any child(ren), the adult would need to register as an Adult Guest – and the child(ren) would be housed with the parent in Momentum’s Adult Guest dorm.

Another option for a local youth worker who wants to serve as a “Momentum Youth Worker” who must bring any child(ren) is to consider bringing a nanny. The nanny and child(ren) would be housed in the Adult Guest dorm, allowing the parent to still be registered as a “Momentum Youth Worker” and stay in the dorm with students.


Registration: anyone considering bringing a child to Momentum must register their child when they register themselves online. They also must make their intentions know to our Registrar at


Infants -5 years-old: a $25 registration fee will be charged for each child, to be paid upon registration. This does not include any meals. Parents should be prepared to buy meals from the University as necessary.


6-years-old through 5th grade students: a $160 registration fee is charged for each child, to be paid upon registration. This fee includes the meals of lunch and dinner; breakfast needs to be purchased separately.


Beds for infants - 5th grade children: The fees listed above do not include individual beds for children. Children need to be housed in the same room as the nanny and/or parent serving as an Adult Guest. Parents should be prepared to have children sleep on the floor, providing their own air mattress or other bedding.



Ages 4 and under are free. Ages 5-11: Breakfast: $5.25  Lunch: $6.25   Dinner: $8


Childcare: Childcare is not offered at Momentum. (Momentum staff bringing children should be prepared to bring along a nanny if their children require constant supervision. We ask that Staff not have their children accompany them while performing their staff duties.)


Main Sessions/Training Tracks/Ministry Outings: Because Main Sessions and ministry projects make up the core of the Momentum schedule, we want to minimize distractions. Therefore, no one 5th grade or younger will be permitted in any Main Session auditorium,  in any training track room or going off campus with a youth group on a Momentum Ministry Outing. (A video feed of the main session will be available in a room for parents/nannies to attend with their children present. Training tracks include such schedules as “Power Trax” Meetings, Staff meetings, and afternoon training tracks.







A minimum $75 deposit is due at the time of registering to reserve your space.

       - if postmarked by March 31, 2017, the lowest Momentum rate applies

       - if postmarked by April 1 - April 30, additional fees are applied

       - if postmarked by May 1 – June 15, additional fees are applied

       - if registering July 1– July 18, bring full payment to check-in at conference. Do not mail in any deposit or balance.


The required minimum payment of $75 is non-refundable/non transferable.

A full or partial refund (less the non refundable $75 deposit) may be considered if a student or leader must miss Momentum for the following reasons: medical emergency, jury duty, military call to duty or a death in the immediate family, defined as parents, siblings, and grandparents.

A refund of monies in excess of the $75 deposit can be transferred to a new registrant if a church can fill the vacant spot. The new registrant’s total cost is determined by the date they register.


See the Momentum Cancellation Policy above for further information


Full rate due by June 15; a $25 fee is added to balances received after June 15.


Adult/Student Ratio Requirement –– 1 female youth worker for every 1-12 female students; 1 male youth worker for every 1-12 male students. (An additional adult is needed for every 1-12 students above this initial ratio). Note that “youth worker” is defined as an adult staying in the dorm with the students.


What’s included in the Price:

Housing: Housing is provided starting Tuesday night through Saturday night. Momentum participants are housed by gender in university dorms and are chaperoned by youth workers for the week. This year’s campus has dorms that are “traditional-style halls” with hall restrooms/showers. All dorm rooms will be set-up to accommodate at least two individuals with a bunk bed. Because of space, some rooms will house three individuals, with the university providing an additional mattress to be placed on the floor. Everyone is responsible to bring their own linens, pillows, blankets, and towel.


Food: Meals included in the price of Momentum start with Tuesday dinner and end with Saturday dinner. Most meals are buffet-style with several options. Snacks may be purchased at university snack shops. Breakfast is not included in the initial registration fee but can be purchased through 2 options:Breakfast Plan :  $25 (five breakfasts, Wed. – Sun.): Full breakfast menu in dining commons

Note: Breakfast is included in the youth worker registration fee (and volunteer staff fee) and is served at Staff Breakfast Meetings.


Programming: All programming, including main sessions, training tracks, and breakout groups, are part of the Momentum registration.


What’s NOT Included:

      - Transportation: See the FAQ Page (PDF) for further details.

      - Meals before Tuesday dinner and after Saturday dinner.

      - Costs of Off-campus Options available during daily free time. However, there are free on-campus options available each afternoon.



Day Guests




The Day Guest option to attend Momentum is primarily made available for individuals who are not familiar with the conference to have an opportunity to experience what it is like – with the hope that in the following year, they would consider to attend the entire week. In addition, parents of students who are attending conference often wish to visit their son/daughter during the week.


Tuesday includes a single Main Session – held in the evening. Wednesday through Saturday typically include two main sessions, a Morning Main Session (10:45 a.m.) and an Evening Main Session (8:30 p.m.).  Main Sessions are when the entire conference is gathered together for worship and a challenge from the Word through a speaker.  Opening and closing sessions are at 7:30 p.m.


Admittance to Main Sessions


The initial Main Session you choose to attend is FREE.  (However, you still need to register. See details below.)


Admittance to any number of Main Sessions after attending your initial first session will include the following costs:


Adults: $15/session  

Students: $15/session

Children: Momentum does not allow children (infant to 6th grade/under 13 years of age) admittance into any of the main sessions. However, there is a Live Feed Room available.


Payment is due at the time of registering at the Momentum Office on the campus. Payment may be made by check, cash, or credit card.


Meals in the dining hall need to be purchased separately. Lodging on campus is not available. Adults or students visiting Momentum are not permitted to stay overnight in the dorm with any registered Momentum attendee. i.e. youth pastors/workers are unable to grant permission for other students or adults from their church to stay in the dorm with their registered students/adults. This is not a space issue (empty bed available, willing to sleep on the floor, etc.), it is a liability issue.


How to Register


There is no pre-conference registration required. All guests visiting campus are required to register at the Momentum Office as soon as they arrive on campus.


Once registered, guests will receive their admittance tickets – which are given to the ushers at the doors of the auditorium.

Guests need to register a day at a time. Each day a guest arrives on campus, they must first go to the Momentum Office to register.



Admittance to Other Programming During the Week


Programming with NO Additional Admittance Costs


Non-Main Session Schedules throughout the day are FREE to attend at no cost. However, you still need to register at the Momentum Office as soon as your arrive on campus for liability purposes. These schedules include opportunities such as training seminars, Bible Quizzing, and more. A full week’s schedule will be posted at a later date on the Momentum web-site


Meals and Lodging for all Schedules Listed Above


MEALS are not included. Day Guests may purchase meals on a meal-to meal basis at the campus dining hall. The prices for the buffet-style (all-you can-eat) meals are:


Breakfast: 7 – 9 a.m., $6.25

Lunch: Noon – 2 p.m., $7.25

Dinner: 5 – 7 p.m., $8


Day Guests are responsible to purchase their own meals through the university desk at the entrance to the dining hall. These are standard serving times and are subject to change prior to conference. When you check-in at Momentum, updated serving times will be made available.

Lodging is not included. Adults or students visiting Momentum are not permitted to stay overnight in the dorm with any registered Momentum attendee. This is not a space issue (empty bed available, willing to sleep on the floor, etc.), it is a liability issue.


Questions?  Contact



Transportation to Momentum


Groups at Momentum may have transportation needs for afternoon on mission ministry opportunities.


For Groups With Transportation:

● Youth groups who have their own transportation available are asked to use this for ministry opportunities.  The ON MISSION staff will inquire if any vacant seats can be filled with students/leaders from other youth groups going to the same ministry location. It will be up to the individual groups to discuss sharing any costs for fuel/parking


For Groups WITHOUT Transportation:

●  Momentum has limited bus transportation, with first priority given to attendees who fly to Momentum. A nominal fee of $3 per person will be collected.



Flying to Momentum



Download the Airport Pickup Form


Ground Transportation From the Airport

Momentum provides free ground transportation to and from the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) per the parameters listed below. An Airport Pickup Form must be submitted by June 1 to qualify for Momentum transportation (download above).


Arrivals: The free Momentum shuttle runs periodically on Monday, July 17 and Tuesday, July 18, starting at 8 a.m. with the last shuttle at 9:00 p.m.


Departures:  The free Momentum shuttle runs periodically on Sunday, July 23, starting at 5 a.m. with the last shuttle at 11 a.m.


After completing the airport pick-up form, you will find out where to wait for the shuttle.


Early Housing

When registering, individuals can select to stay on campus for “Early Housing” (Monday night, July 17). Before selecting this option (which does incur a fee on the registration site), please read the following:


After reading this information, if you wish to use this early arrival lodging option, each student and youth worker must check ‘Early Arrival’ on the registration form to indicate their reservation.


  • Early Housing is only available on campus on the evening of Monday, July 17. It does not include an option for lodging on Sunday evening, July 16. The cost is $25 per person.


  • Early Check-In Hours are from 8p.m. – 10 p.m on Monday evening. A group is welcome to arrive on campus prior to 8 p.m., however, they will need to wait until the 8-10p.m. check-in hours. (Regular check-in hours are Tuesday, July 18 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)


  • Groups having an early evening flight arrival into IND will need to consider the time to claim luggage in addition to an average 1 hour drive time respectively (depending on traffic) from the airport to campus. Keep in mind that the check-in desk closes at 10 p.m. As long as a group arrives by 10 p.m., check-in can be completed.


Early Arrival Meals

The first meal of conference that is covered by the main registration fee is Tuesday dinner, 5- 7 p.m. Groups will have the option to purchase any of the Monday, July 17 meals and/or the Tuesday, July 18 breakfast or lunch meals at additional costs.


The lead contact for each group must reserve meal tickets for all pre-conference meals on their dashboard view at All others should contact the Momentum office for information.


Available meals include any meals on Monday (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and Tuesday breakfast and lunch. 


Pre-Conference meal prices are as follows: Breakfast  ($5.25)    Lunch  ($6.25)      Dinner  ($8)



Time Zone

If your group is flying from any of the time zones listed below, contact the Momentum office or Registrar for  information about the Early Housing Discount.  Time Zones include: Mountain Time Zone (AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, UT, WY); Pacific Time Zone (CA, OR, WA); Alaskan Time Zone, Hawaiian Time Zone or an International Flight


Unforeseen Delays

Should your group have an unforeseen delay (flight change; ground transportation issues, etc.), please call 773-451-6512 and the Momentum staff will do all they can to help find a solution.






General Philosophy on Rules


We do not make the guidelines a focal point of the week at Momentum. You will not hear us make a major issue of rules from the platform during sessions. Rather, youth leaders will present these guidelines to their youth groups as part of the check in process at Momentum. We expect the guidelines to be followed and carried out by all adults at the conference. All those registering for Momentum have read and signed a statement indicating their willingness to comply. The guidelines are intended to help create a wholesome atmosphere at Momentum and provide some structure for the week.





All participants of Momentum are expected to show appropriate respect for youth workers, adult staff, campus staff and the property of the university. A negative attitude or refusal to cooperate with the purpose of Momentum will be grounds for dismissal from the conference.


Quiet Hours

During determined quiet hours, do not run up and down the hallways or make excessive noise. When you are in the dorm, please be respectful of others.


Couples at Momentum

Momentum is a great place to make and meet new friends. We want you to enjoy time with brothers and sisters in Christ. But, the purpose of Momentum is not to focus on guy-girl relationships. The purpose is to focus on Jesus and what He wants to do in our lives. We encourage you to make friends and not be exclusive.


Momentum is not the time or the place for displays of physical affection. While holding hands is allowed, we ask you to be sensitive to the feeling of others.


Guys are not allowed in girls’ dorms. Girls are not allowed in guys’ dorms. This include the lobby area of a dorm.




For your own safety, stay in your dorm after evening check-in. Under no circumstances should you prop any exterior dorm door open. CE National cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.



When packing for Momentum, the goal is to bring modest clothes. While "modest" styles and trends vary across the country, for this week everyone is asked to cooperate with the following guides for what is termed modest at Momentum. These general guidelines are to keep us from drawing undue attention to the physical body. While the clothing items listed below may not be a modesty issue back home, we are asking everyone to cooperate with a common denominator of modesty at Momentum.


Please be aware, that adult Momentum Staff may ask individuals to change their attire during the week of Momentum if the clothing does not fall into this common denominator of modesty at Momentum. This is not to embarrass or judge an individual’s tastes, but to assist in maintaining the modesty standard during the week.


Going Off-Campus

Youth workers are not to let students leave with anybody besides a youth worker unless they sign out at the Momentum office.

Any student going off campus must be accompanied by a Youth Worker or Adult Guest.


If a youth pastor/youth worker/parent should decide to take students on a non-sanctioned outing while at Momentum, it is important to note that the outing is not covered by any insurance with Momentum or CE National. It must be covered by the individual’s or home church’s liability insurance.


Do not take rides from students or people from the community.


Should youth workers leave campus for any reason after hours, youth remaining on campus from their group must still be supervise by adult staff.


Youth leaders are responsible for any clean up resulting from bringing off campus food on campus.




There is a lost key fee charged by the University for any keys or cards that are not turned in by Sunday, July 23, at 10 am. If, during the week, you are missing your key, check the Lost and Found in the Momentum Office. Lost key charges are as follows: $50 per room key.


Prohibited Items

Fireworks, firearms, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, pornography, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, gambling, and weapons of any kind are prohibited at Momentum.



Courtesy and respect is to be shown to those who are speaking, singing, etc. Once a session has started, everyone is asked to stop visiting and refrain from distracting others. For the protection of students and the university, there is to be no standing on furniture, sitting on shoulders, or body surfing. All attendees, adults included, must turn cell phones to silent during main sessions to prevent disruptions.


University Property

You are financially responsible for any property damage. Any damage pre-existing in your room when you arrive must be reported on a Room Condition Report and turned in to your Youth Worker the first day so that you will not be billed at the end of the week. Water guns or balloons are restricted to outdoor use and with willing participants. If you remove a window screen there is a $100 charge to replace the screen. 


Intentionally overloading an elevator will be cause for it to be shut down for the remainder of the week, with any maintenance costs becoming the responsibility of the individuals responsible for the maintenance. 


challenging students 6th - 12th grade to

experience Jesus and follow him



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