Who Can Attend Momentum



Those in grades 6 through 12 for the 2016-2017 school year. Registration includes lunch and dinner, all programming, and housing.


Youth Worker

Adults who are housed in dorms with their own students. Each group must have a 1 to 12 ratio of youth workers to students. Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all programming, and housing in student dorms with your church's students per gender.


Adult Guests On Campus

Those age twenty four and older who are not being housed with students. Registration includes lunch and dinner, sessions admissions, and housing (in adult housing dorms).


Adult Guests Off Campus

Those age twenty four and older who are staying off campus. Registration includes sessions admission for the week and lunch and dinner. Breakfast plan is optional. You are responsible for your own housing off campus.


Young Adult Guests

Those age 18 to 23 and single (but not currently a senior in high school aged 18) who are not registered as a youth worker. Young Adult Guests stay in adult housing and their registration includes session admission, lunch and dinner, and a mandatory discussion time after the evening session. Find out more.



Because Volunteers have significant responsibilities each day during the week, Momentum assists to help underwrite a good of registration. Visit the volunteer page for more information and to apply.



Adults who stay on campus to care for children of Momentum staff or youth workers; includes lodging, lunch, and dinner meals. Children are registered by their parent.


Child // See Child Policy

Since Momentum is geared for junior and senior high school students, Momentum does not encourage adult registrants to bring children under 12 years of age. If you must bring children under 6th grade, please note that no one under the age of 12 is allowed to be housed in the dorm with Momentum students and youth leaders. In addition, while children are not allowed in the Main Session venue, a live-feed room is provided where they, accompanied by a parent or nanny, can view the main sessions.

For child registration, please note, nobody under the age of 12 is allowed: (a) to be housed in the dorm with Momentum students and youth leaders; or (b) in the main sessions. A live-feed room is typically made available.

To register a child, the parent must first complete their own registration data and minimum deposit payment. A registration confirmation email for the parent will then include further steps on how to register any children.


See the Pricing Policy



What You'll Need to Know to Register



  • Personal Information like your name, address, etc.
  • If your group is coming early to Momentum, (Monday night housing.)
  • If you would like to purchase the breakfast plan to eat breakfast in the cafeteria (except youth workers)
  • Your t-shirt size
  • If the student attending isn't at least 18 years old, a parent needs to be available to electronically sign the health form and liability information.



Should you register after July 9, because of capacity levels, any new registrants may have to be an extra person in a room on an mattress. We do still welcome registrants, but want you to be advised.
(This is for students, youth workers, Adult Guests, Exhibitors, Young Adult Guests, and anybody else staying on campus).  


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