Wednesday Power Track Descriptions

Answers to Questions You’re Thinking But Not Asking (Guys Only), Jeremiah Kleylein >>  Barnes Student Center, The Commons

Are there conversations that you’re not sure who to ask for more information? We will look into God’s Word to see what He has to say on all the big questions and get a chance to answer your questions, too.


Ever Feel Like You’re Just Stuck? (Girls Only), Brandi Wright & Katie McNulty >> Barnes Student Center, Henry West (1)

Ever feel like you’re constantly repeating the same bad choices and negative thoughts?

Good news…you don’t have to stay stuck. Jesus offers hope! No matter what issue and no matter what sin you might struggle with, the Gospel provides hope right where you’re at. Join us as we look into our hearts. We’ll cover topics like self-harm, eating issues, sexual sin, and negative thoughts and we’ll discover together the good news about the hope found in Jesus.


Moving on from High School without Moving on from your Faith, Jon Rauch >> Barnes Student Center, Bedford (1)

We are going to look at 5 key truths every person graduating high school needs to remember and make part of their life. These truths will keep your faith growing and moving forward after youth group is over for you.  Let’s talk real life for young adults pursuing Jesus.


Child Sex Trafficking: You Can DO SOMETHING!, Destiny Rescue >> Barnes Student Center, Leedy (1)

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when looking at a problem or maybe even a difficult assignment you were asked to do? There are no shortages of difficulties in our world today. Just turn on the news. You will see countries in turmoil, people losing their jobs, natural disasters and the list goes on. But just because there are challenges all around us doesn’t mean we should do nothing to help. Could it be that God has placed you on this earth to make a difference? Sure. You can’t solve everyone’s problems, but you can solve someone’s! During our time together, we will discuss the issue of child sexual slavery and how young people just like yourself can get involved in this fight. This is a global issue, one that all humanity should care about, even young people. You will discover what this problem is and how you can be part of the solution to stop it. You can DO SOMETHING.


Did a Disciple Really Become a Pope?, Randy Smith >> Barnes Student Center, Globe Theater (1)

How did Jesus’ message to a small group of Jews end up helping to form the “Catholic” Church? Is Roman Catholic teaching faithful to God’s Word? Do they preach the Gospel? How did they get so big? Are you “born” Christian in that church?


Partying, Drugs, Alcohol, and Your Testimony, Omar Rodriguez  >> PPAC, Recital Hall (3) 

How do you know where to draw the line when it comes to partying, drugs, and alcohol? Why is building upon and maintaining your testimony so important? This track will explore the role and importance discernment plays in all of this. 


Hijacking the Habit Loop, Tim Sprankle >> PPAC, Choir Room #160 (3)

Ever feel like you get caught in a loop (caught in a loop...caught in a loop) and cannot break a bad habit

(ex. cursing) or poor pattern (ex. sleeping with your cell phone). Good news: You can hijack the habit loop and develop healthy patterns of thought, spiritual practice, and personal discipline. Better news: good habits (aka, self-control) is a fruit of the Spirit, so God will help you. Prepare to learn several small steps to make lasting changes in your life.


How to Share Your Faith in Your Everyday Life, Jason Holt >> PPAC, Band Room #150 (3)

Do you wish that sharing your faith in Jesus was a more natural part of your life as opposed to just something you do when you are on a mission’s trip or at a church program?  Most Christians struggle to know what to say and how to go about conversations with the people right in front of us on a daily basis: friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and others. Come learn a whole new way of living where sharing your faith becomes a natural part of your everyday life.


Climate Change, Dr. Don DeYoung and Dr. Nate Bosch >> Barnes Student Center, Jones (1)

Is it time for panic? This session will provide some biblical insight and science data on the earth’s changing climate. Suggestions will be given for positive climate discussions with friends.    


Making An Impact In a Toxic World, Dan O’Deens, Chaim O’Deens, Stephanie Taylor >> PPAC, Room #133 (3)

We will expose you to real life tools to protect you from a “toxic heart,” a “toxic world,” and even thinking you are doing good when in fact your good is more like “toxic charity.” You will be prepared to serve the unreached, underdeveloped, and urban poor of the world longing for an authentic demonstration of God’s love. 


How to Read the Bible, Ben Wilhite & Dwight Peterson >> PPAC, Black Box Theater (3)

Learn how to truly engage the Bible in effective daily devotions.  We’ll use interactive exercises and practical tools to GROW your Bible study skill. Bring your OTD! (On Track Devotions)


Alright. Now What?, Tristan Spuller >> PPAC, Room  #135 (3)

Choosing to follow Jesus is the most important decision anyone can make. Congratulations on taking that step! But what comes next? If you are wondering that, this one’s for you. You are encouraged to come find out about what happens next for you as you start in on your new relationship with Jesus. We will be walking through the essentials of what you need to know and what it means now for your life. If you aren’t a new believer, but are a friend of someone who is, this one’s for you too! We’ll also talk about your role in this process and why you matter. Come for an exciting time of celebrating new life and of discovering what’s next.


Thursday Power Track Descriptions

God’s Crime Scene,  J. Warner Wallace >> PPAC, Auditorium (3)
Come learn how evidence in the universe points to the existence of God.

How the Gospel Frees Us From Anger, Courtney Cherest >> PPAC, Choir Room #160 (3)Think about the last time you were angry. What were the circumstances? Who was involved? How did you respond? Anger is an extremely common emotion and we have all experienced it more than a few times. We even read about a time when Jesus was angry in the Gospels. But what about those situations when our anger seems to control us, our minds, our words, and our actions? What do we do then? How do we handle that? In this Power Track, we will discuss the root causes of anger and how the truth of the gospel empowers us to have victory over this powerful emotion.


Christ and Competition, Michael Voss  >> PPAC, Band Room #150 (3)

I want to compete AND see my lost teammates come to Jesus. Come talk about the nuts and bolts of seeing your team as the mission field.

Why Self Harm Works!, Esther Pacheco >> Barnes Student Center, Henry West (1)Logically it does not make sense, but emotionally it makes perfect sense. We cause our own pain and suffering because someone else caused us pain and suffering? Lets have a real talk about it!


Hello.... Anybody There?, Todd Shoemaker  >> Barnes Student Center, Leedy (1)

Have you ever felt alone? How about feeling alone in your faith?  Have you felt that you have been fighting against the current with your peers and culture? Standing alone in our faith is something we will all experience in our lives at some point. Come gain an understanding of how to journey in life as a follower of Christ without feeling completely alone. This Powertrax will provide practical ways to move us from going against the current to setting the current for others to follow.  


How Can an Ancient Book Offer the Answers to Modern Life?,  Randy Smith >> Barnes Student Center, Globe Theater (1)

Five people get in a van. Each feels they know the way to their destination. Only one has a map by the makers of the road system. Which would you follow? This power track will help you explore how relevant the Bible is to making daily decisions.


How To Start a Bible Study with Your Friends, Carlos Baez >> PPAC, Recital Hall (3)

Ready to be ON MISSION in your school? Learn how to be an initiator with your friends in starting a Bible study. This track will equip you in understanding the fundamentals of starting and leading a Bible study.  


No Filter, E.Scott Feather & Cory Murphy >> Barnes Student Center, Bedford (1)

What we post for others to see is usually staged and filtered. Do the pictures that are left on our phone’s camera rolls tell the true story of our lives? How do we use our Instagram or Snapchat stories to portray who we really are or who we wish we were? How would Jesus decide what to post and who would he follow? Join us for a conversation about Jesus, social media, and the story we portray to our followers. 


Creationism, Dr. Don DeYoung & Dr. Nate Bosch  >> Barnes Student Center, Jones (1)

Does biblical creation still make sense today? Scripture and science data both give a strong “Yes!” The recent supernatural creation viewpoint is a refreshing alternative to natural science alone.


Exposed and Unafraid (Girls Only), Nicole Miller >> PPAC, Room #133 (3)

Too often as girls we look at each other like competition. We judge ourselves and others based on things like looks, personality, sin issues etc. Do you believe this competition began in the garden of Eden? Adam and Eve were the first humans to experience shame and fear and this all came from sin. Come join me as we talk about how sin affects our self-perception, our view of others and our fear being “found out.” When we realize that our fear and shame come from sin and that we are FREE in Christ we no longer have to compete with one another!


Making Conversations Count Part 1, Dwight Peterson >> PPAC, Black Box Theater (3)

How would you describe your average “church” conversation... or any conversation, for that matter? Is it the kind God would encourage you to have? How do you start conversations that help others see things that might be in their blind spot? Or maybe you think you see something that needs attention, but you’re not sure. In this track, you will learn how to start meaningful conversations that allow you to be helpful to others from a Kingdom perspective.  


The Bigger Picture, Dustin Zerwas >> PPAC, Room #135 (3)

In life, everyone deals with tough times and uncertainties. We all have similar questions during these circumstances, and most are directed towards God: Why is this happening? Will I be able to get through this? What are the next steps? Where is God in the midst of this chaos? Does God even care? These are all questions that we might express... A little over a year ago, our 12 year old son was diagnosed with brain cancer. After hearing those words, we found ourselves on quite a journey. A journey that changed everything. During our Power Trax time, together we will discuss the difficulties that you face, learn how to look at the bigger picture, and gear up for the platform opportunities that await.


W.W.S.D. - What Would Solomon Do?, Jordan Gillette >> Barnes Student Center, The Commons (1)

We are surrounded by media in music, movies, commercials, and online, but where is the line? Is there a line? What movies and music would Solomon have listened to?


See Children for Who They Are, Amber Besson >> PPAC, Room #137 (3)

Calling all of you who, when you see little children at church or in a restaurant, can’t stop yourself from saying, “He’s so cute!” In Children’s Ministry, or in life really, it is easy to see children for what they do and not who they are. Come to hear some stories about kids that will make you smile, laugh even though you probably shouldn’t, and possibly cry.  I invite you to learn from my mistakes and victories as a “gardener.”  Together, let’s take a closer look at John 15 to see how children are a lot like branches who must be connected to the true Vine and cared for by the Master Gardener.  


Friday Power Track Descriptions

What’s The Big Deal About Pornography?, Sean McDowell >> Barnes Student Center, Henry West (1)

Pornography is more accessible, accepted, and aggressive than ever before. It is a HUGE problem for young people, including Christian teens. Studies show that viewing porn affects how we view ourselves, other people, and God. It even physically changes the structure of the brain and hurts the ability of young people to develop loving, lasting relationships. This session will provide insight, hope, and direction for young people to avoid the snare of pornography.


Sexuality and The Gospel, Jackie Hill-Perry >> PPAC, Auditorium (3)

Did God create sexuality for us to use it for own discretion or is there better and more glorious purpose for it? When it comes to sexuality, God has a lot to say about how it should and shouldn’t be explored. Ultimately all that He has to say has something to do with all that He is. This session will take us through God’s word so that we will understand who and why He has so much to say about sexuality. 


The Fear Detox , Travis Smith  >> PPAC, Band Room #150 (3)

In your heart you know you have been designed to do something great. Maybe you long to become a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, a singer, or an artist. Or maybe you don’t know exactly what it is, but you have a feeling about it. But all too often there is a giant obstacle standing in your way, its name is FEAR. Let’s learn to escape average and do stuff that matters in life, without letting toxic fear rule over us. God’s desire is for us to live a fearless life so we can propel forward into our true calling. Welcome to the FEAR DETOX. 


The Elephant in the Room, Dayne Carraway >> PPAC, Recital Hall (3)

Let’s face it, differences make us uncomfortable. Race, gender, religion, political affiliation. How do we, as Christians, discuss these divisive topics in love? Let’s look at people through the eyes of Jesus and talk about the elephant in the room.


ON YOUR MARK…GET SET…COLLEGE!, Dave Pacheco >> PPAC, Choir Room #160 (3)

Does a high school diploma automatically mean you are ready for college? Conventional wisdom would say, “YES!” But…not so fast, my friend. There are many facets to being ready for college that go well beyond the academic & social aspects. You need to prepare academically for sure, but what about your emotional preparation…your spiritual preparation…and even your physical preparation. It’s all important. Are you headed to college in a few short weeks? Or maybe in another year? Let’s talk about it!


Living on a Prayer,  Nick Deck >> PPAC, Room #133 (3)

Many of us leave Momentum saying that we want to be closer to God, and we leave feeling closer to God, because we have been singing & talking to Him, talking about Him, and looking into His Word. But, someone else has been planning these times for us.  How do we bring talking to Him home?  We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got and prayer is how, but that word is so familiar we often have a shallow view of what prayer means.  How can we use Spotify, YouTube, finger paints, or nature documentaries to help us pray?


Why Doesn’t God Stop Evil?, Dr. Randall Smith >> Barnes Student Center, Globe Theater (1)

Did God create evil? If not, where did it come from? If God is all-powerful, why doesn’t He shut evil down? If He is good, why doesn’t God stop suffering and put an end to the troubles of our world?


Cyberbullying is Just Meme, Brad Deetscreek >> Barnes Student Center, Bedford (1)

We have all been there.  In the classroom, on the bus, in the halls, or just hanging out we have seen the effects of digital “tough” guys (or girls).  We know this issue is real.  We hear terrible stories and maybe even have lived some.  How does the Christ follower make a difference in this digital battle?  Is there anything we can do?  Come join this discussion whether you have been bullied or not and leave with some tools to face this digital world.


Who Do You Think You Are?, Tyler Kramer >> Barnes Student Center, Leedy (1)

It is a common phrase that many times we think about when it comes to people in authority, and sometimes even parents.  But in order to be able to respond in a Biblical way it is important to understand who we think we are and our position.  Come and find out what scripture says about how we should respond to our parents and authorities. 


Spiritual Warfare! You Can Understand the Battles Going On in Your Mind!, Tim Wright & Jay Bell  >>  Barnes Student Center, The Commons (1)

Have you ever felt like there is a battle in your head?  Confusion?  Noise?  God clearly tells us that our daily spiritual battle is “in” and “for” our mind.  So what does that mean?  We want to help you understand the nature of it all and how you can live free from the “flaming arrows” of Eph. 6:16 - Satan’s smoldering lies, burning accusations, and fiery temptations.  By God’s grace we have learned how to walk free and to fight this battle and we want to help you do the same.


I’ll Accept Buddha and Even Jesus, But Hold the Bacon, Ashley House >> PPAC, Room #135 (3)

Do you have friends whose families are Muslim or maybe Hindu? How do you tell them about the gospel--that there is only one way to God through Jesus? We’ll discuss practical ways to pursue them with the truth, and you’ll get some cultural tips along the way -- like how offensive your pig meat is. God’s placed you in your friend’s life for this very purpose, to tell them about His Son.


Why is the Flood Important?, Dr. Don DeYoung & Dr. Nate Bosch >> Barnes Student Center, Jones (1)

The story of the flood in Noah’s day is true in all of its Biblical details. The flood impacted the earth’s entire surface, the fossil record, our lifespans, and more. Biblical data and physical evidence show that God remains in control of this world.  


Making Conversations Count Part 2, Dr. Dwight Peterson >> PPAC, Black Box Theater (3)

Communication is the lifeblood of relationship. Conversations create and grow connection.  They can be both a thermometer for the depth of your relationships and an opportunity to go deeper in your relationships. In this track, you will learn to identify five levels of conversation, what they tell you about the depth of a relationship and how to use intentional conversation to build more powerful relationships for Kingdom purposes.


challenging students 6th - 12th grade to

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