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Are you a young adult and want to be spiritually challenged this summer?  Here is an opportunity just for you: 

Attend Momentum at Indiana Wesleyan University, July 18th - 23rd with other Young Adults! Post high young adults can continue or start attending beyond high school graduation. While the past couple of years, as well as again this coming summer, there has been an opportunity for post high young adults (and other adults) to serve as volunteers at Momentum, this new opportunity at Momentum allows single individuals who are at least one year out of high school up thru age 23 (and single) to be spiritually challenged this summer.


Opportunities for Momentum Young Adults (at least one year out of high school) include:                                         

• Hearing from some of the best speakers in America such as Sean McDowell, Clayton King, Jackie Hill-Perry
• Attending the breakout sessions of your choosing
• Enjoying debriefing sessions at the end of each day to discuss how to apply what we were taught                                   • Housing with other young adults in the university dorms.

• A week that is all inclusive—where one cost covers all conference sessions, breakout training tracks, all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner, and dormitory style housing.                                                                                                                                                           

Other FAQs about Young Adult Guests at Momentum   

Who is serving as the point person for Momentum Young Adults?
Timothy Kurtaneck has been one of the directors at CE National for the 21 years. Some of his experiences with young adults include working with college students through The National Institute as well as training and equipping Operation Barnabas adult leaders for ministry. TK and his wife Dana have been married for 27 years.


Will I be able to interact with my local church’s youth group
While Momentum highly encourages/prefers that Young Adult Guests be separate from their local youth group, we also recognize that each youth group is autonomous and able to include young adults with the middle school/high school students as they feel best. Because young adults have different life experiences than middle school/high school students, Momentum is asking all young adults to participate in the evening debriefing time led by TK. Should a youth pastor/leader feel strongly that their Young Adults attend the youth group debriefing, they will need to communicate with TK in advance. However, there are two areas of the week that local youth groups will not have the flexibility to allow young adults to interact with the middle school/high school students. These include the following:  
(1) Dormitories: No young adults are allowed to be housed in the dorms with the youth group
(2) Afternoon Options: These include Sport Tournaments, Bible Quizzing, and Momentum's Got Talent which are only open to middle school/high school students. (Young adults can sign out athletic equipment to use on their own during the week.)


In regards to the Saturday, off-campus ministry opportunities, Momentum highly encourages Young Adults. To participate in the ministry outing for Young Adults. Should a young adult wish to go with their local church’s youth group, they must first seek approval from the lead contact of that church and the lead contact will need to sign the up for these ministry options with their youth group.


Guidelines for Young Adults At Momentum                                                                                                              

- Momentum Young Adults follow the same guidelines regarding alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc., as the entire Momentum Conference.
- Since Young Adult Guests are adults they are able to travel off campus on their own. However, no middle school/high school student is permitted to accompany them off campus at any time. This includes siblings, or other relatives who are minors. While Young Adult Guests have the freedom/flexibility to drive off campus during the day, they are expected to be in and remain in their dorm for the evening by the announced dorm check time. Going out of the dorm after dorm check must first be approved by the Young Adult Guests Point Person.                                                                              
- All Young Adult Guests are housed in dormitories with other Young Adult Guests. There are no exceptions available to be housed in the middle school/high school dorms.                                                                                                                                                    


Fill out the application via a desktop computer.


challenging students 6th - 12th grade to

experience Jesus and follow him



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