Momentum, a youth conference for students in 6th-12th grade, is produced by CE National. At CE National we believe very strongly in youth and truly desire to see them develop a heart for God and for His Word. We also believe very strongly in the purpose of Momentum in students’ lives: to help strengthen their commitments to Christ, to their local church, and to their local church youth group.


Our Goal for Momentum Youth Conference is Two-Fold:


1. Helping students develop and deepen their passion and faith in God through relevant, challenging speakers, authentic worship, and fellowship with other believers.
2. Teaching and equipping you to be bold and intentional in your actions through evangelism training and practical, relevant outreach.

Momentum is all about connecting youth to God, helping them to understand where they belong in God’s kingdom and how they can know God’s purpose for their lives. Momentum is about creating an atmosphere conducive to learning, listening, serving, and following Jesus.

Students come to this week-long conference expecting to encounter God, to be challenged in their faith, to take home some nugget of truth they didn’t know before, and to strengthen their commitment to their local church and youth group.


At Momentum Youth Conference, young people are not spectators, but active, worshiping participants who are part of a community.


Momentum has been a youth conference for over 78 years. As you can imagine, much has changed over the past few decades of hosting a conference, but one thing about Momentum hasn’t changed: our desire to challenge students to experience God.


You won’t find themes at Momentum that don’t revolve around our desire for students to live in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.


There are certain things that we hold to be “pillars” of Momentum:


Bringing Students to the Word:
Our theme is always based out of scripture and we emphasize one verse per conference year. We always want to be pointing our students back to the Bible as absolute truth because it is in the Word that they will most lay a foundation for a vibrant relationship with Christ and a knowledge of His character. We use OnTrack Devotions to help get Momentum students in the Bible on a routine basis during the week of and month surrounding Momentum as well as the month after.


Building into the local church:
Momentum is hosted annually on a college or university campus. We travel to a different campus each summer and in 2017 will be on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN. We love this format because it allows for an all inclusive experience. Housing and meals are on the same campus as programs and sessions which allows youth workers to spend more time with their students and less time with logistics of feeding and transporting their groups.It’s our desire that we build into the local youth program as much as possible because this is where sustainable relationships will help students keep on track once returning home from Momentum. Each night after session we schedule “youth group time” which creates a setting for leaders to debrief with their students about what they experienced that day in sessions, power tracks, seminars and ministry. Youth pastors tell us this is one of their favorite times at Momentum – processing all that God is doing with their students. Groups are housed together per gender in dorms which creates a great atmosphere for groups to bond within their group as well as with other groups from across the nation


Living life ON MISSION:
Momentum is part conference and part ministry trip. We often find that it’s financially hard for groups to be able to attend a conference and serve on a missions trip in the same year, so at Momentum we combine both of those efforts. We think it’s important to combine ministry opportunities into a conference because in this format, students get to be challenged by amazing speakers and then get to immediately put to work what they are learning and what God is stirring up inside of them. When students serve together at Momentum with their local youth group, it helps them see that missions can be done in their own communities and not just cross culturally or internationally. We create a transferable experience so groups can readily keep living ON MISSION and be serving their neighbors upon their return home. Ministry opportunities are available each afternoon.


CE National and Momentum Youth Conference want to help students and adults effectively “live ON MISSION” in every aspect of life. We encourage you to participate in other CE National ministries on a short term ministry experience, in hands on inner-city ministry, (Urban Hope), on a five week summer ministry experience (Operation Barnabas), or even in pursuing youth ministry as a career (The National Institute).


Creating a fun experience:
Each afternoon, students can elect to participate in activities like swimming, game room, scavenger hunts, corn hole, Hantis, an obstacle course, a 5K, open play activities and other auxillary games or to take part in organized sports tournaments (basketball, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, etc.) Hundreds of students compete each day at Momentum in our sports tournaments with many more cheering on groups from their church. We also encourage the arts and students developing their talents through art classes and Momentum’s Got Talent.


You’ll always be able to find something to do!

Our Beliefs

The Center
We declare that Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God, as revealed in the Bible, the written Word of God, is the only Savior and Lord. He is the center of our shared experience of true biblical unity.

The Evangelical Core
We affirm our commitment to the following core truths of the Bible which we share with other genuine believers in Jesus Christ:

The One True God
There is one, and only one, true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He is the Creator and Lord of all, existing eternally in three persons, never less and never more – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Lord Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ is fully God, existing eternally. Everything was created by Him and for Him. His incarnation took place in the womb of a virgin. He became man, but never sinned. He died a substitutionary death to atone for sin, resurrected bodily, and ascended into heaven where He remains fully God and fully man, and is presently ministering until He comes again.

The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is fully God, existing eternally. He is a person, and was involved in Creation and the inspiration of Scripture. His works of convicting and regenerating are essential to the believer’s salvation. Believers are entitled to the benefit and joy of being filled and walking in the Spirit for empowerment in Christian life, service, and mission.

The Bible
The sixty-six books, and only these, known as the Old and New Testaments, are the written Word of God. God’s inspiration and superintendence of the writing of every word of the Bible guarantees that what was written is His Word and therefore authoritative, true, and without error in the original manuscripts. God preserves His Word, which is powerful and effective to accomplish His purpose of salvation among all nations. God’s Spirit illumines the minds of believers in every culture to understand and apply the unchanging truth of Scripture in fresh and relevant ways for the benefit of the whole Body of Christ.

God created man and woman in His image. As a result, all people are bearers of that image. However, Adam’s subsequent sin resulted in a condition of spiritual death which all people since Adam have experienced, marring the beauty of God’s image in them in every facet of life.
This condition of spiritual death has rendered all people unable to save themselves, and leads to physical death. Therefore, new birth is necessary for salvation.

The salvation brought by God is a complete and eternal salvation by His grace alone, received as the free gift of God through personal faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work, as he declares believers righteous in Him.

There exists one true Church, which is called the Household of God, the Body of Christ, and the Temple of the Holy Spirit. It is comprised of all true disciples of Jesus Christ, and is created by the action of the Holy Spirit. Tangible expressions of this true Church are found in local church.

Christian Life
Believer is saved by faith alone. The faith that saves is expected to produce obedience and good works, which are the products of the indwelling Holy Spirit. The dimensions of biblical ethics are both individual and social, and extend to every facet of life. God faithfully continues to finish the work of sanctification, which He initiated in the life of each believer with the goal of Christ likeness.

Angels, Satan, Demons
God created a multitude of spiritual beings called “angels”. Righteous angels continue to serve God and work both in the heavenly sphere and on earth. By his disobedience, Satan, a fallen angel, became the adversary of God and God’s people, carrying with him a procession of demons. Jesus Christ has overcome Satan so that the final judgment and doom of Satan and his demons are certain.

Future Life
The dead will have a conscious existence in eternity and their bodies will be resurrected. Unbelievers, already under condemnation, will be sentenced to suffer eternal separation from God. Believers, already having been granted eternal life, will be judged and rewarded according to their works, and will experience a glorified, eternal existence in the presence of the Lord.


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