Jeff Bogue

Dr. Jeff Bogue is a pastor whose passion is to help Jesus make sense to everyone. He became a Christ-follower as a junior in college. His passion for ministry comes from his own experience of searching for the mind and heart of God, and being completely changed by what he discovered.

Jeff is a graduate of Grace College and Seminary in Win­ona Lake, Indiana. He’s had the privilege of sharing life with the people of Grace Church of Greater Akron, Ohio, for the past twenty-six years, where he leads multiple campuses with over 13,000 people calling Grace their home. Jeff is grateful he’s been able to take his life journey with such amaz­ing people. He’s energized by leading the church to love and serve the people in their community.

Jeff and his soul-mate, Heidi, have been married for 26 years. They have five wonderful sons, one beautiful daughter, and one amazing daughter in law. One of Jeff’s greatest joys is serving together with his family as they work to express God’s love all over the world. Wherever the Bogues go, they see not only a desperate need for the compassion and mercy of Christ to be expressed through the meeting of physical needs, but also for the hope of Christ’s message of salvation needed for the soul.