CE National is excited to offer Momentum’s Got Talent (MGT) again this year at Momentum Youth Conference. 

Students are encouraged to practice their skills such as Videography, Poetry, Creative Writing, Media Arts, Graphic Design, Art work, Spoken Word, Interpretive Scripture Memorization, Puppetry, Clowning, Mime, Drama, Pantomime, Dance, Manual Signing, Instrumental solo, Group Instrumental, Youth Choir, Vocal Solo, Youth Band, etc. Students enter MGT by creating and uploading a video of themselves performing whatever they are planning to present or registering online that they are bringing a piece of artwork.

If you are a parent, youth worker, or pastor, we urge you to get your students involved in the process. It is never too early to start having students share what they will do for Momentum’s Got Talent in front of the youth group or the church, at a nursing home or retirement community, or at other places the youth group or church ministers.

One of the great advantages of a student’s involvement in Momentum’s Got Talent is the opportunity to be eligible for scholarships. Colleges give renewable scholarships to winners and often to students who are part of the audition round at Momentum.

In addition, several Momentum’s Got Talent entries will be selected to present their talent in Momentum’s main sessions. Students may end up singing (for example) in front of 2,000+ people!


Download the Guidelines and Suggested Entry Categories

Original Art Entry Form (for Artwork Brought To Momentum)

How to enter Momentum’s Got Talent and how entries are selected:

1. Upload a video of you performing between April 1 and June 1, 2019.

2. Along with the video, you’ll need to include your name, email address and phone number, church, category, and two character references (all requested on upload page).

3. Video entries are viewed by the Momentum’s Got Talent judging panel and given written feedback.

4. All entries will be notified if they have or have not made the second round of auditions. Details as to when and where the second round will take place at Momentum 2019 will be given for those who move to this round.

5. Entries are viewed live at Momentum 2019 by Momentum’s Got Talent judging panel. These entries will be considered for scholarships and main session presentations.

During judging at Momentum, youth groups are welcome and encouraged to watch entries and support their peers.

Momentum’s Got Talent affords a way for students to gain exposure, experience, encouragement, and growth in their gifts.