Hello, we’re excited you’re here!
Whether you’d like to speak to our team about the conference or you’re ready to sign up your church for Momentum 2020, we invite you to fill out the form below to let us know of your intentions. We’ll contact you shortly to answer questions and send helpful information or to add your church to our registration system. Momentum will provide you with a poster, info booklet, cards, stickers and more to help promote the conference to your church and students.

Ready to commit?
Fill out the form below and let us know to add your church! Registration opens February 1 and the first deadline to pay the $75 deposit for the best rate is March 31.
Students and leaders register themselves (as opposed to buying bulk tickets) and select your church as their local church. You’ll be notified when people register with your church and we give you the tools to keep a check and balance of the registration process.

More Momentum Information for New Churches

How do I start registering my group?

First, your group needs to be added to the registration system so your students can register as coming from your church. (Fill our the above form.)

Second, students register themselves for Momentum once registration opens on February 1! After your church has been added to our system, your students can register under it by selecting it as their sending church.

Is there a discount for new churches?

Yes. Momentum Offers a “New Church Discount”

– A “new church” is defined as one that has not had any students attend youth conference in the past three years (2016, 2017, 2018).

– Each student who registers and attends Momentum from a new church will receive a $25 discount.

– A new church will receive one free Youth Worker registration for every increment of six students who register and attend Momentum 2019.

Will there be a time to meet with my group?

Yes! Every day there is a blocked off time for you to debrief with your students. We think this is an essential part of the day as it allows you to shepherd them through how God is working. We will assign you a room or area to meet and a time that correlates with sessions.

These meetings are:

(1) immediately following the morning session and before lunch
(2) immediately following the evening session. After this evening group time, groups retire to the dorm for the evening.

After each session the Lead Contact from each group receives questions that correlate with that session’s speaker as a resource to help start discussion, but youth groups are invited to spend this time in whichever format is most effective for their group.

What are the registration deadlines?
All registrants must register by March 31 and pay their $75 deposit to get the best rate for Momentum. The cost of Momentum 2019 increases $50 if a registrant registers or pays the deposit after this date. All registrants must pay their balance by June 15. The cost increases $25 after this date. To see the full pricing schedule per registrant class, visit our 2019 page.
How do I sign up for opportunities and options?
Each afternoon students get to select what they would like to do as “Your Day, Your Way.” Options include:
– Sport Tournaments (ex. dodgeball, basketball, soccer, volleyball)
– Outreach/Ministry Opportunities in the community
– plan your own off-campus activity
– on campus auxiliary games
– on campus swimming pool
– Art Electives
– and More

When you start the registration process, we assign your group a lead contact (usually your lead youth pastor or administrative assistant). This person receives an email in early June that guides them through signing their students/group up for afternoon ministry opportunities. Options on campus (sports, fun activities, seminars) are open for students to join without advanced sign up necessary. Sign-ups are on a first come, first served basis. We will help guide you through this process.

How often do we serve in the community?

Momentum is part missions trip and part conference. Wednesday – Saturday afternoons there are opportunities for your group to serve locally. You sign your students up for these opportunities ahead of time online in June. Some groups elect to leave campus all four days, or just 1 or 2, you can retrofit this experience to your group! You’re only required to serve one day.

Bear in mind that there are other opportunities such as sports tournaments, area attractions, fun auxiliary opportunities on campus, art electives, etc going on during the afternoon times as well. We send out a schedule of everything happening on campus and off campus ahead of time so you can see what each day’s schedule is.

When should we arrive?

Check in is on Tuesday, July 14 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mid afternoon seems to be a more frequented check-in time. Keep in mind that dinner is the first meal of conference. Dinner is served from 5 – 7 p.m. If you arrive early in the day, lunch can be purchased at the school cafeteria or at local restaurants. Tuesday’s evening, opening session starts at 7:45 p.m. and you will want some time before to settle into dorms, scope out campus, and eat dinner.

Youth Staff orientation is a mandatory meeting for all youth workers at 5:00. Plan to arrive in time for check-in, move into dorm, and staff orientation dinner (students eat dinner in the dining commons while the youth leaders have this orientation dinner/meeting in a separate room).  After orientation, youth workers meet-up with their students to go to the opening session.

What will I need for check-in?
If you have any students who are considered a “walk-in” (did not register prior to your arrival) you will need to register them and pay their balance at check-in. You will need to pay any remaining balances. You will receive a box of supplies for the week which includes: conference book, name tags/lanyards, meal cards, t-shirts, paper supplies that may be necessary for the week, devotionals) for each registrant in your group.
How to Check-In

1. Directional signs will be on campus to lead you to where Check-In is located.

2. You will temporally park your bus, van or car.  Only 1-2 adult leaders from each group enters the check-in to complete check-in for their entire group. Students and other adults will wait outside.

Once Check-in is completed, you will head to your dorms assigned to your group where you will unload your luggage and move in.

We suggest you designate a regrouping time/location after your group moves into the dorm (keeping in mind that youth workers attend an orientation meeting at 5:00).

First Session

Our opening session is Tuesday, July 16 at 7:45 p.m. which means doors will open at 7:15. As a new group, we will save you a section of seats for this opening session so your group is guaranteed to sit together. When you enter the auditorium for the session, please look for seats blocked off with your church’s name on them.

For every session, the doors remain closed until 15 minutes before a session. Most groups like to sit together for the sessions and they often have individuals enter to save a block of seats for their group members. If this is what you want to do for the remaining sessions of the week, you will want to work with your group on planning for that. You will need to have 1 person for every 5 seats that you reserve.

What does that mean?

There are some acronyms and titles that we throw around at Momentum. Don’t worry if you don’t know them, we’ll help define things.

Here’s some of the things you may hear:

YDYW or Your Day, Your Way > Every afternoon,  each youth group plans their own schedule. A number of activities are available, such as sport tournaments, going out into the community on ministry projects, various other on-campus activities, or a group may plan their own off-campus excursion.

Power Tracks > hour long seminars on Wed, Thurs, Fri for students.  Some youth groups like to have all their students attend the same trax, while others leave it up to each student to choose the trax that appeals to them. Youth workers can attend these trax, or there are they have the option to attend a Youth Worker Lab.

On Mission > The missions portion of our conference is modeled after Acts 1:8. Various opportunities are provided as options for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday afternoon. The entire conference is then involved in a community ministry project on Saturday.

Youth Group Time > Scheduled debriefing time for groups to meet

OB or Operation Barnabas > CE National ministry in which students spend 5 weeks on tour nationally in June and July on a ministry team prior to Momentum. operationbarnabas.net

Urban Hope > The inner city church and training center through CE National. urbanhope.net

What Momentum believes (Statement of Faith)

You can read what we believe at CE National and Momentum on our About Us page.

Does Momentum provide a devotional for the week?

Yes! Momentum provides devotions through the week of conference as well as the 2 months following.

How can I fund raise for Momentum?
Some fundraising ideas:
1. garage sale
2. silent auction
3. live auction
4. Flower fundraiser through Living Color Fundraiser
5. Mulch Sale
6. Personal Letters

A Note on writing personal letters: Most people would rather give money to support the spiritual growth of a friend/relative rather than buy something that they may not want/need and in which the student will only get a small percentage of the money spent.

When writing personal letters, make it realistic and attainable…If you send out 40 letters and ½ of them are returned with a donation of $20.00 you will have $400.00. If you send out 80 letters and ½ of them are returned each person only needs to give $10.00 and you’ll have $400.00

Also, check out https://youthspecialties.com/files/freebies/101-Fundraising-IDEAS-Ebook.pdf

Momentum is a game-changing experience to help students understand and live their faith.

Sean McDowell

National Speaker and Author

If you want your students to experience a deeper connection with God and a greater love for the lost, send them to Momentum.

Greg Stier

Founder and CEO, Dare to Share

Each year our students are challenged and their lives are changed at Momentum. The teaching draws them in and inspires them to follow Jesus with their whole hearts. The music is energizing while still providing the students with time to reflect and worship. Overall, there isn’t a better youth conference I have attended and we are committed to bringing our students here because we believe it has an eternal impact on their lives.

Cody Ray

Youth Pastor, Connection Christian Church, York, PA

Momentum is a top tier conference. I have been to a lot of camps and conferences trying to find the right one to take my high school students to and Momentum is the best. It is evangelistic and simplistic enough to take unbelievers to, and is deep and challenging enough for your most mature students. And most importantly everything they do and every speaker on stage is grounded in the word of God. I never leave momentum disappointed.

Tyler Kramer

Youth Pastor, Marysville Grace, Marysville, OH

Momentum has continued to impress me with its desire to help students take what they acquired back home. As a youth pastor you can not ask for more out of a conference. Momentum invests time and resources into our students for the 360 days that they are not at Momentum. They truly desire to help leaders and students grow in their relationship with Christ all year long.

Jeremiah Kleylein

Pastor, Victory Church, Lancaster, PA

I’ve been taking students to Momentum for 5 years and every year has almost doubled in size for registrations. Our students and leaders LOVE Momentum. Every student who has gone has not only wanted to come back the following year, but has done everything they can to bring their friends with them. It truly has been a life changing experience for our students and leaders year after year. In a recent student leadership team gathering we hosted in our home we had all the student leaders share their testimonies and almost every single student pointed out Momentum as having played a significant role in their relationship with God and calling to step up in kingdom leadership.

Andrew Wood

Youth Pastor, Renew Church, Mississauga, ON

Momentum has been a staple in my life for nearly 25 years, first as a student, then as a youth pastor, and in a few short years as a parent. Each year, regardless of my role at Momentum, I have been personally challenged to walk with Jesus and pursue Him more deeply. It has been a large contributor to the trajectory of my life through the many relationships that have been forged, the opportunities to serve, and the commitments I have made. These things aren’t exclusive to me, many others have and can experience the same life change prompted by a week at Momentum Youth Conference.

David Nicodemus

Youth Pastor, Grace Polaris Church, Worthington, OH

I would you encourage parents, youth pastors, and students to consider Momentum Youth Conference because it’s just awesome!! And because it is an experience like no other. Learning from speakers about following Jesus, then living out and discussing what you learn with youth leaders and friends while at the conference and back home after the conference is over.

Greg Foote

Youth Pastor, Grace Church, Norton, OH