As you can imagine, in the 80+ years of Momentum Youth Conference we’ve never encountered a situation like our nation has been walking through. Thank you for your patience and concern as we continue to seek understanding on what’s best for our attendees and our mission.

As of now, we are still planning for a great week on the ground at Momentum, July 14-19. As our headquarters and event location are both in Indiana, we continue to closely monitor our governor’s decisions as well as the decisions from states our attendees predominantly come from. On July 4, Indiana will have achieved “Stage 5” in which conventions, sports events, fairs, festivals, the state fair, and like events may resume and areas of the economy such as retail stores, restaurants, amusement parks, etc will be back at full capacity.


Until then, please see below for our updated registration deadlines and cancellation policies and continue to pray for the ministry of CE National and Momentum.


We understand that previous changes that were made to our registration deadlines and payments (including cancellation/refund policies) may have been difficult to keep straight depending on what printed material you referenced. We want to let you know that we made the best decisions at the time with the best information we had at that time. We ask for your patience as yet once again we make some changes based on new information we have related to the State of Indiana’s “Stages of re-opening.”

As we work to plan well for a large event, traditionally our registration deadlines start at the end of March, however, to accommodate our attendees and the current situation with COVID 19, all payment dates and fees initially announced as early as this past January have been WAIVED for summer 2020.

In addition, changes adapted in March and April in response to COVID 19 are being updated as outlined below. We had previously announce a $200 deposit amount on June 15, but have chosen to go back to the traditional $75 deposit.

1. Pay a $75 deposit no later than midnight, June 15 to secure the $473 registration rate.
Payment of the $75 deposit after midnight, June 15 will result in a $498 registration fee.

2. Pay the FULL balance by midnight, July 1st.
Balances paid after midnight, July 1st will incur an additional $25 rate increase.

Refund polices can be a challenge. Balancing the needs of Momentum attendees with the commitments that come as part of offering a large-scale event requires a delicate balance, in addition to practicing Biblical stewardship. With the goals of protecting the faithful supporters of Momentum, ensuring a high quality conference, and Momentum fulfilling its commitment to purchase supplies, equipment and rent university facilities, the following refund and cancellation policies have been established.

We know you are closely monitoring the current ongoing changes with COVID-19 and wanted to assure you that we are doing the same. We understand there are concerns and we are taking them seriously as your safety and well-being is our utmost priority.

While an e-mail or phone call to the Momentum office or Registrar communicating a cancellation and/or to inquire about this policy are welcomed, these forms of communication do not qualify as notification, and the Momentum office/Registrar is not accountable for processing the refund request.

The individual cancelling is responsible to complete and submit the “Notice of Cancellation” accompanied by proper documentation (as stated on the form) in order to be considered for a refund. This form is available on here.



CE National, Inc. PO Box 365, Winona Lake, IN 46590 p:574.267.6622