Momentum Youth Conference

Momentum helps students develop and deepen their passion and faith in Christ by training and equipping them to be bold followers of Jesus to intentionally share
Him with others.

July 13-18
Indiana Wesleyan University


Biblical Worldview Training
Hands-On Ministry Experiences

Equipping the Local Church
Great Fun for Students

Watch our free resource library of Digital Labs, a resource for youth leaders, parents, and students. Sign up to attend the next free lab and be a part of the live Q and A. Topics include cultural questions, caring for students, ministry principles, mental health, and much more!

Best of Sessions from the last 20 years

The purpose of Momentum is to help students develop and deepen their passion and faith in Christ by training and equipping them to be bold followers of Jesus and to intentionally share Him with others.

Momentum Youth Conference - Speakers
Momentum Youth Conference - Watch Sessions


 Momentum hosts two sessions each day, morning and evening. Between the sessions groups participate in fun options on campus and hands-on ministry off campus. Momentum is a well rounded experience your students won’t soon forget!

Each year we feature sports tournaments  (volleyball, dodgeball, basketball, and soccer), art classes, movies, open play options, big group events (like water kickball, slime fest, foam slip and slide, scavenger hunts, themed 5k run/walk, Archery Tag, and much more).

Students meet peers from around the country and grow tremendously in their relationships within their own youth group.

Momentum sets the stage for your youth group going into the school year. It’s not just a “mountain top experience,” it’s a launching point of momentum for the rest of your year.


“If you want your students to experience a deeper connection with God and a greater love for the lost, send them to Momentum.”

Greg Stier, Founder and CEO, Dare to Share


“Momentum is a top tier conference. I have been to a lot of camps and conferences trying to find the right one to take my high school students to and Momentum is the best. It is evangelistic and simplistic enough to take unbelievers to, and is deep and challenging enough for your most mature students. And most importantly everything they do and every speaker on stage is grounded in the word of God. I never leave momentum disappointed.”

Tyler Kramer, Marsyville Grace Church


“Momentum has been a staple in my life for nearly 25 years, first as a student, then as a youth pastor, and in a few short years as a parent. Each year, regardless of my role at Momentum, I have been personally challenged to walk with Jesus and pursue Him more deeply. It has been a large contributor to the trajectory of my life through the many relationships that have been forged, the opportunities to serve, and the commitments I have made. These things aren’t exclusive to me, many others have and can experience the same life change prompted by a week at Momentum Youth Conference.”

David Nicodemus, Grace Polaris Church


“Momentum is a game-changing experience to help students understand and live their faith.”

Sean McDowell, National Speaker and Author


“I’ve been taking students to momentum for 5 years now and every year has almost doubled in size for registrations. Our students and leaders LOVE momentum. Every student who has gone has not only wanted to come back the following year, but has done everything they can to bring their friends with them. It truly has been a life changing experience for our students and leaders year after year. The biggest frustration for my students about Momentum is that it can’t be year round! In a recent student leadership team gathering we hosted in our home, we had all the student leaders share their testimonies and almost every single student pointed out Momentum as having played a significant role in their relationship with God and calling to step up in kingdom leadership.”

Andrew Wood, Renew Church