Dynamic, Relevant Speakers See Our 2014 Speakers

We believe it's important to have men and woman who teach from the Bible, connect well with students, and deliver strong challenges to lead us at Momentum. Check out our Momentum 2014 speakers here.

Corporately Bringing Ourselves to God. Authentic Worship

Every year we are told that one of our attendees' favorite things about Momentum is time that we get to spend worshiping together. Check out our Momentum 2014 worship band here.

Experience a Conference that's a Ministry Trip Too On Mission

At Momentum we believe it is important to incorporate local ministry into your week because this creates a transferable experience to serve as a catalyst of serving when you get home.

We Build Into Your Local Youth Group Bonding Community

Momentum is only a week long conference. It's important to us that we resource you to bring a group home that served together and engaged in worship and teaching together. Momentum serves as a catalyst for the rest of your year.

All Kinds of Fun Activities, Games, Challenges and Tournaments Spend Your Day, Your Way

Momentum boasts many options on campus that keep students active if they want to participate in sports tournaments, activities like "Momentum Fest" and "Momentum Dash", Capture the Flag, cornhole, "Momentum's Got Talent", and much more!

A Strong Emphasis on the Bible Not A Fan,
9:23 & 24

At Momentum we believe nothing evokes lasting life change more than emphasizing the relevance of a daily reading habit in the Word to our students. This is why our theme is always based out of Scripture and why we continually go back to the Bible as our starting point.

Momentum 2014: Not a Fan

Our 2014 theme, not a fan, emphasizes the emphatic difference between being a fan of Jesus and a follower of Jesus. Luke 9:23 says, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Momentum 2014 explores the meaning of dying to ourselves in order to follow Jesus.

Momentum 2014 is a call to die daily to ourselves in order to take up our cross and follow Jesus. It’s a cry to cross from half-hearted fandom into full freedom as followers.


New to Momentum?

What Youth Pastors Say
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Momentum 2014

Headed to Chicago, IL
Excited to be ON MISSION in Chicago

Find out how Momentum is more than a youth conference and where we are headed in 2014.

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Recapping 2013

I Am Second
A challenge to declare Christ first.

Continue to pray with us that students will continue in their commitment to live on mission after 2013 commissioning.

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