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Momentum PRO desires to be your go-to ministry resource that’s designed specifically for you (a ministry professional) by ministry professionals! Whether you’re a Lead Pastor, Youth Pastor, Parent or even a volunteer, if you desire to make maximum impact for God’s Kingdom, we want to be a resource for you. Make use of the search bar to discover meaningful articles, videos and thought provoking conversations to point you in the right direction for the decisions your ministry is facing. Be sure to check out our library of PastorPedia and Digital Lab videos to help engage your leadership teams and develop new ideas for your ministry. Finally, we offer FREE ministry coaching and consulting for you no matter the size and scope of your ministry.

Ministry Coaching
& Consulting


With the ministry demands of leading within your own ministry, it can be difficult to grasp a complete picture of the playing field. What if an outside perspective had the power to launch your ministry into a more thriving atmosphere instead of a surviving one?

Even the wisest and best leaders need outside input, ongoing encouragement, and advice for challenging situations. Momentum Ministry Partners wants to come alongside you and your ministry to provide a refreshing voice of encouragement, insight, and wisdom. Whether you desire fresh direction, a listening ear, or ministry advice, we want to be there for you.

This is accomplished through two key areas that Momentum Ministry Partners provides: Consulting and Coaching.

5 reasons you should partner with a ministry coach & consultant

  • You want to lead your ministry to the next level.

  • You understand you do not know what you do not know.

  • You want a fresh set of eyes looking at your ministry.

  • You realize there are gaps in your abilities and skills.

  • You know the importance of working on your ministry and not just in it.


Consulting consists of a partnership with Ed Short, our ministry coach and consultant who will develop a relationship with you for a specific period of time. This may last for one session or many within a defined context. Our consultation process will enable you to gain a realistic view of how effectively your ministry is functioning. You will then be led through a process to discern what God desires to do in your ministry. Consulting culminates with a fully developed plan with strategic steps designed to see your ministry become what God desires it to be.

Ongoing coaching

While developing a strategic plan for your ministry is vital for the ongoing growth and health of your ministry, we all need a coach to help navigate the course for the long run. On-going coaching will provide the insight necessary to take the plan from paper to reality, from success to success—all while equipping you as a ministry leader to develop and grow even amidst challenging set-backs or road blocks that are often faced in ministry.

Consulting Through a Crisis

There are times when churches face difficult issues which can bring about a potential crisis. During those experiences, an outside voice who understands ministry and people can be invaluable. As a seasoned pastor and ministry coach and consultant, Ed will partner with the church to lovingly and strategically work through the crisis by providing biblical and practical steps to not only address the issue, but to help the church grow through it.

Consulting Through a Pastoral Transition

When a lead pastor leaves a church, fear can easily set in. The church will be tempted to move as quickly as possible to “find the next guy”. That is a huge mistake. As Momentum Ministry Partners' ministry coach and consultant, Ed will greatly aid you in walking through a process that includes assessing the current condition of the ministry, helping the leadership determine where God wants to take the church, developing an expectation sheet for the next lead pastor, addressing any issues that should be handled in the interim period, and helping the search team develop a plan that will be highly effective in selecting the next lead pastor.

What Does Consulting or Coaching Look Like?

Both consulting and coaching begin identically: with an intake session. This “no commitment” one-hour intake meeting is designed for the coach and ministry leader to get to know each other. The objective of this intake session is to discover potential areas of needed growth and to formulate how Momentum Ministry Partners' coaching and consulting can benefit your ministry. During this meeting, the decision for consultation or coaching will be made and the projected partnership will be discussed.

How Is Consultation or Coaching Facilitated?

Both Coaching and Consulting are video chats between our Ministry coach and Consultant and the ministry leader. Sessions usually last approximately one hour. Sessions are held monthly, with suggested ministry implementation assignments between meetings.

Who is Ed Short, Momentum Ministry Partners' ministry coach and consultant?

Ed Short serves as the primary ministry coach and consultant for Momentum Ministry Partners. Ed also serves as the lead pastor of Crosspointe in York, Pennsylvania. He is a seasoned pastor and has pastored five previous ministries as youth pastor, executive pastor and lead pastor. These churches have ranged in size from 100 to 1600. He is a trained practitioner in developing strategies for church growth and vitality. He served as an advanced trainer for Son Life Ministries for 20 years. He has seen churches grow through a prayerful plan of reaching lost individuals, teaching Christ-followers to understand who Christ is and what He wants to do in and through their lives, connecting Christ-followers to each other, coaching Christ-followers to effectively minister and reach out to un-churched individuals and developing leaders to oversee and expand the ministry.

What Pastors have said:

“Ed mentored me for three years now and I have found his guidance and input invaluable. It is so refreshing to have an outside resource for bouncing ideas off of with a fresh perspective and no underlying agenda. He has challenged my thinking and some of our processes as a church in such a way as to help me improve my leadership game.”

“Ed Short helps me ask the right questions. We are making adjustments, putting together a plan and trusting God for great things. I am thankful for a sounding board, a coach, and a consultant who is available to help me lead effectively. “

“Ed is quickly able to assess the needs of ministry and brings practical suggestions to help us improve. He is not ‘theoretical’ but brings real solutions to the table.”

“Ed’s experience and insights in church growth and developing church leadership have been encouraging and helpful as I work within a transformational church setting. It is good to be around someone who knows what kinds of questions to ask.”

“Ed helps me see opportunities where I saw problems. Our time always goes quickly, ping ponging between laughter and me grabbing my notepad to jot down a great idea, always coming back to the church’s purpose, making disciples.”

“Working with Ed Short has been a blessing to me and our staff. Ed brings to our conversations a breadth of experience in small and large churches. He has seen some of the leadership challenges that I have not been exposed to at our church. In the process of our discussions, he does not bring his ‘canned’ agenda to me; he seeks to discover where his experience can help me where I am. I appreciate that! I have confidence that he will provide the same service to you as well.”

What is the Cost?

The initial level of Momentum Ministry Partners' coaching and consulting is our gift to you and your church free of charge. The cost of our deeper levels of ministry consulting and coaching are partly covered through individuals and churches who financially support this ministry in an effort to provide this service at an inexpensive rate. We ask the ministries receiving this valuable insight to help cover the rest of the cost based upon the level of consulting given.

For more information or to contact Ed Short, email

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