Momentum Youth Conference is an annual, national youth conference for students in 6th-12th grade. We are about connecting youth to God, helping them to understand where they belong in God’s kingdom and how they can know God’s purpose for their lives. Momentum Youth Conference creates an atmosphere conducive to learning, listening, serving, and following Jesus.

Students come to this experience expecting to encounter God, to be challenged in their faith, to learn and be reminded of truth from God’s Word, to strengthen their relationships with their youth group and peers, and to have lots of fun!


July 16-21, 2024
Marion, IN
Indiana Wesleyan University

Cost And Registration


$525 Register Jan 1 – March 15
$550 Register March 16 – May 15
$575 Register May 16 – June 15
$600 Register June 16 to July 16
The cost for Momentum includes housing, all programming, and lunch and dinner. (Breakfast is available for an optional $30).


$395 Register January 1 to June 15
$470 Register June 16 to July 16
Youth Worker rate includes breakfast as a part of the morning staff meeting.

Registration will open January 1st!

Students and youth workers register themselves individually and select their church as their home church in our registration system.

Click here for a downloadable Youth Conference Pricing document.



On Campus Activities
Ministry Opportunities
In Depth Tracks
Housing On Campus
Lunch and Dinner

Who Can Attend


Those In Grades 6 Through 12 For The 2023-2024 School Year. Registration Includes Lunch And Dinner, All Programming, And Housing. A Breakfast Plan Is Available.

Youth Worker

Youth Workers Are Adults Who Are Housed In Dorms With Their Own Students. Each Group Must Have A 1 To 12 Ratio Of Youth Workers To Students Per Gender. Registration Includes Lunch And Dinner As Well As Breakfast During The Daily Staff/Youth Worker Meetings, All Programming, And Housing In Student Dorms With Your Church’s Students Per Gender.

Individuals wishing to register and serve as a youth worker need to be at least 21 years of age. If younger than 21, contact to see if you still qualify to register as a youth worker.

Adult Guests Staying Off Campus

Adult Guest Registration is $235 and includes sessions admission for the week and lunch and dinner. A breakfast plan is optional for purchase. You are responsible for your own housing off-campus.

Adult Guests (staying off campus) is only available for those who are one year out of high school and older. This registration package is not available for anyone younger than 18 years of age. Anyone younger than 18 year of age wishing to attend Main Sessions or purchase meals should consider the Day Guest registration.

Day Guests

Day guests are children and adults who are visiting the conference for one or more main session(s). Day guests must register at the Momentum Desk in the chapel, which opens 30 minutes prior the start of each main session, to complete the form, pay for the pass, and receive their guest lanyard. Main session passes are $20 per session for adults and students (12 years old and older) and $10 per session for children aged 6-11 years old. Infants to children aged 5 years old are free.

Day Guest seating is only available in the balcony (and not on the main floor). If Adult Guests have children younger than 6th grade, they will need to be seated in the designated area for families with children. Children are not permitted to be seated on the main floor level or in other areas of the balcony. A Live-Feed room is available directly outside this balcony area. Parents are expected to take restless children here to continue viewing the session.

More details can be found in the Day Guest Policy here.


Volunteers are those who graduated from high school at least a year ago and who attend the conference to assist staff in several areas. Because Volunteers have significant responsibilities each day during the week, Momentum assists to help underwrite a portion of registration. As there are 25 volunteer positions available, payment of the initial $75 deposit can secure your spot to fill any of those positions once accepted.

Interested volunteers should complete an application as their first step. Once accepted, the Registrar will send a link to register as a volunteer. Click here to learn more about volunteering at Momentum Youth Conference and to fill out the application form.

Child caregiver

A registrant who provides supervision of children of a Staff Member or a Youth Worker. A Child Care Giver could be one of the parents – but would need to register as “Child Caregiver” if not bringing another adult to serve in that role. A parent who is a Momentum Child Care Giver is unable to also be a Momentum Youth Worker. By Momentum’s policy, nobody younger than a 6th-grade student is allowed to be housed in the student dorm.

Main Session Seating: Parents or Child Caregivers with children younger than 6th grade will need to be seated in the designated balcony area for families with children. No children are permitted to be seated on the main floor level. A live feed viewing area is located directly outside this balcony seating area. Parents are expected to take restless children here to continue viewing the session. Children, and by proxy Child Caregivers, are unable to attend Power Track Seminars, Youth Worker Labs, Staff Meetings or to go off campus with the ministry options.

Registration is $275 if registered by June 15, 2024, $340 if registering between June 16, 2024 and July 16, 2024. That registration includes lunch, dinner, and housing in the Staff dorms. A breakfast plan is optional ($30). See our child policy for more information.


Since Momentum is geared for junior and senior high school students, we don’t encourage adult registrants to bring children under 12 years of age. If you must bring children under 6th grade, please note that no one under the age of 12 is allowed to be housed in the dorm with Momentum students and youth leaders, and is unable to have admittance into the main level of the main session. See our Child Policy for more information. Child Registration costs are:

  • Infant to 4 years old: $35 Register Jan 1 – June 15, or $50 Register June 16th to July 18th (eat free in the dining IWU cafeteria by IWU policy).
  • 5 years old to 5th grade: $185 Register Jan 1 – June 15, or $200 Register June 16th to July 18th (includes lunch and dinner).
  • A $22 breakfast plan may also be purchased during registration (individual breakfasts can also be purchased).

Be A Volunteer

We love volunteers who make the Momentum experience possible. Let us know if you’re interested in serving with us at Momentum, July 16-21, 2024.

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2023 Theme: KNOWN

momentum youth conference known theme

During Momentum Youth Conference 2023 we’ll be exploring the theme of KNOWN, what it means to know, and be known, by God.

Our theme verse for the week is 1 John 4:16a: “We know how much God loves us and we have put our trust in His love”

2023 Speakers


Mark Artrip

Tony Livigni

Tony Livigni

Mark Clark

Mark Clark

Corbin Hogue

Corbin Hogue

Keith Minier

Keith Minier

Jordan Raynor

Jordan Raynor

Joel Firebaugh

Joel Firebaugh

Jeff Bogue

Jeff Bogue

Past Speakers Include:

Francis Chan

Louie Giglio

Sean McDowell


Jackie Hill Perry

Christopher Yuan

Nick Vujicic

Clayton King

Greg Stier

CL Shepherd

Trip Lee

Derwin Gray

Afshin Ziafat

Anne Beiler

Jeff Myers

Mark Batterson

David Nasser

Michael Yankoski

David Bowden

Greg Speck

J. Warner Wallace

Davey Blackburn

Ray Comfort

E.V. Hill

Experience Momentum

Daily Schedule


Opening evening session Open play activities Youth Group Debrief Meeting


Breakfast (optional)
Morning prayer focus (optional)
Morning Session
Break Out, In Depth Tracks
Afternoon Events

Intramural Sports Tournaments
Art Classes
Group Games
Open Play Activities
Ministry opportunities (serve off campus)

Evening Session
Youth Group Debrief Meeting


Breakfast (optional)

Youth Conference
Youth Conference Group Photo

Ministry At Momentum

Ministry opportunities at Momentum are transferable experiences that act as a catalyst for students to be serving when they return home.


In all of our partnerships we strive for a “hand and heart” impact.

open hands

Hand: We work with our hands and accomplish a task that serves people and shows them that we care.

Heart: We talk with whoever we can as we serve or before and after with the intention to share the Gospel and plant seeds.

We teach simple acronyms and methods in main sessions to help students know how to start conversations and simply share the hope that they have.

Why Momentum Starts Here

Momentum is a well-rounded experience that we believe God will use to change your students’ lives in powerful ways!

Momentum offers sessions, in-depth breakout tracks, afternoon fun options, and hands-on ministry opportunities.

Students meet peers from other churches and they grow tremendously in their relationships within their own youth group.

Momentum sets the stage for your youth group going into the school year. It’s not just a “mountain top experience,” it’s a launching point designed to help your group build momentum for the rest of your year.

Thank you to the following organizations for their support of Momentum Youth Conference:

Sponsor Exhibitor:

Grace College

Premium Exhibitors:

Lancaster bible college
operation christmas
Forge Gaming Logo

Decision Point

Standard Exhibitor:


Exposure Exhibitors:

Brio Magazine

The Eagle Commission

Great Commission Bible Institute



The Reality of Healing

Threads of Hope

The Woods Church School of Leadership

Values Of
Momentum Youth Conference

An Emphasis on Scripture

At Momentum we always want to be pointing our students back to the Bible as absolute truth. It is in the Word that they will lay a foundation for a vibrant relationship with Christ and a knowledge of His character. We host speakers who teach from Scripture, base our theme on specific passages, and build the framework of our sessions on this emphasis.

Hands-On Ministry
Momentum offers ministry projects for youth groups to participate with throughout the week. Each afternoon, youth groups can choose to go off campus and serve the community in various ways. We focus on serving in tangible ways for students to be challenged to pray, share their story, and talk about what God has done in their lives.
When students serve together at Momentum with their local youth group it helps them see that ministry can be done in their own communities when they return home.
Partnering with the Local Church

We believe in the local church and youth group and its impact in the lives of students in ongoing relationships while at Momentum and at home.

Each night includes a “youth group time” when leaders debrief with their students about what they experienced that day in sessions, power tracks, ministry, etc. Youth pastors tell us this is one of their favorite times at Momentum – processing all that God is doing with their students.

Groups are housed together per gender in dorms which creates a great atmosphere for groups to bond. Housing and meals are on the same campus as afternoon events, sessions, seminars, etc. which allows youth workers to spend more time with their students and less time with logistics of meals and transporting their groups.

Creating a Fun Experience
Momentum is a packed week, not only with amazing sessions, opportunities to serve, time with your youth group, and quality training, but also with afternoon events! Each afternoon we offer a variety of fun options for students to participate in including art classes, group games, sports tournaments, open play options, indoor options, 5Ks, and more!
You’ll always be able to find something to do and fun interaction between students at Momentum!

Photo Gallery

Greg | Dare to Share CEO

“If you want your students to experience a deeper connection with God and a greater love for the lost, send them to Momentum.”

– Greg Stier

Todd | Youth Pastor

“Our students come back motivated to put their faith into action. We see this in how they serve and their intentionality in reaching their friends at school. I honestly believe Momentum Youth Conference is the best conference for young people.”

– Todd Shoemaker, Grace Church, Akron, OH

Sean | National Speaker

“Momentum is a game-changing experience to help students understand and live their faith.”

– Sean McDowell

Cody | Youth Pastor

“Momentum is a great catalyst for our student ministry and sets the tone for what the rest of our year will look like. The presence is felt and lasting relationships are built. It’s always one the first things to go on our calendar.”

– Cody Ray, Connection Christian Church, York, PA
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