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Momentum Travel Teams is so much more than your standard mission trip. It offers young people the experience of sharing your faith, learning ministry skills, giving testimonies, building team relationships, and so much more! Team members memorize scripture, learn to spend quality time with God, are a part of a discipleship group, and learn the value of hard work. Foundational character qualities will be emphasized and taught by pastors, national ministry leaders, youth ministers, and trained adult mentors.

Teams generally have between 12 – 25 members. The ratio of adult leaders to students is 1:5 to encourage quality training.

No matter what stage of spiritual growth and development a student is at coming into the summer experience, they can leave having grown by leaps and bounds. They can then be ready to return home to their local churches with a heart to serve God and others.

Momentum Travel Teams are ideal for any high school student regardless of their involvement in their youth ministry and/or leadership structure. However, for those ministry minded students who have shown a desire to pursue ministry leadership, we have added a student leadership level within our summer travel teams. These student leaders have unique opportunities to learn additional principles and to be challenged in leadership engagement in greater ways upon returning home.

Specialty Travel teams

2023 Worship Ministry and Worship Tech Travel Teams students share the impact of this experience in this video, which was produced by the 2023 Worship Tech Travel Team


Specialty Travel Teams are designed for students who are interested in pursuing more intense training in a particular area of ministry. In 2021, we launched the Worship Travel Team. In 2022, we continued that team and added a Children’s Ministry Travel Team. In 2023 these offerings expanded to include a Worship Tech Travel Team.

In addition to the personal and spiritual growth associated with our Travel Teams, our specialty Travel Teams give students hands-on experience in an area of ministry that most interests them. They receive instruction and training from leaders who are experienced in these specific areas. They also have opportunities to use that instruction by serving in these ministry areas.

In 2022, our Worship Travel Team led worship sets at the Charis Fellowship Access conference for more than 500 adults and again at Momentum Youth Conference, leading nearly 2000 attendees. The 2023 Worship Travel Team was also able to lead a worship song at Momentum Youth Conference for their peers. The 2022 Children’s Travel Team had the opportunity to provide three days of intentional programming and care for the children of the Charis Fellowship Access conference attendees. This type of training, discipleship, and hands-on experience gives Travel Team students unique experiences that help them discern God’s gifts in their lives and how they can use them to serve His Kingdom in the future.

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Ministry Experience Travel Team | June 10 – July 3, 2024

West Coast Ministry Experience Team [CA]

On these Momentum Ministry Partners travel teams students will learn and experience some of the best ministry models available, across multiple settings. Students will spend time in major US urban cities, partnering with churches and para-church ministries, along the different US coasts with opportunities to take the next step in their journey with Jesus. 



With many different youth ministry opportunities available, it can be difficult for pastors and local church leaders to know which one is right for their future youth leaders. But at Momentum Ministry Partners, we believe that our commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and our principles set us apart. After students from your church attend one of our travel team experiences, we know that you’ll be able to see that difference.

Why do so many church leaders choose to partner with Momentum Ministry Partners?

  • All-inclusive experiences (we take care of lodging, food, travel, and other logistics).
  • Emphasis on bringing back skills to the local church.
  • Diverse training and ministry opportunities.
  • Real world, hands-on ministry experience.
  • Experienced and inspirational youth leaders.
  • A commitment to a Biblical Worldview.


Since participating on Travel Teams is not an end result but rather a step in the process, it is an expectation that Travel Teams Alumni be involved with the Travel Teams Faithfulness Program for at least the 5 months immediately following their tour on Travel Teams. There are three options you may choose to be involved in as a participant in the Travel Teams Faithfulness Program. With all of these options, there is an expectation for you to be actively attending your sending church/home church on a weekly basis. (If in college away from home, you need to find a local church there to plug into) and using On Track Devotions (supplied monthly on this Travel Teams website page) on a daily basis.

All Travel Teams students receive $1000 in scholarships to either Grace College or Lancaster Bible College. And, if they complete the 5-month Faithfulness program, they get an additional $1000 per year, up to $4000! As one parent said last year “My child, who is going to Grace College, is actually getting our entire investment back, and then some!



What makes Travel Teams different from other mission trips?

Travel Teams has a much different dynamic than the typical local church mission/ministry trip. Travel Teams is a ministry training program because there are guaranteed experiences and practical training that will be included and can be taken back home after tour. Students will meet like-minded teens from all over the country, will be poured into by quality leaders, will have traveled to different ministry locations, and will see ministry in a number of unique settings. By the end of the tour, each member will have training and experience in having spiritual conversations, sharing their testimony, and opportunities to learn from local church ministry professionals. He/she will have been a part of a discipleship group, have intentional focused time with God each day, and learned the value of working hard through manual labor projects. Lessons on Godly character traits such as integrity, thankfulness, and purity are emphasized. Note taking is encouraged through journaling, which can be used as a resource for ministry back home. Each young person also receives a personal evaluation from leaders with youth leaders/mentors joining in the conversation to assist students when returning home.

Students will make friendships that will last a life time! Ask anyone who has gone on Travel Teams and they will likely tell you that some of their closest friendships started with fellow team members on their team! It is a summer that is life-changing for most students, as they work together, learning, serving, and being a part of something bigger than themselves!

What are plans for Travel Teams in 2024?

The Travel Team for 2024 is:

1. Ministry Experience Travel Team  Dates: Monday, June 10 – Wednesday, July 3, 2024 – Location: West Coast Team(CA). This team will experience some of the best ministry models available on the west coast. Students will be equipped through hands-on ministry experiences across multiple settings and will have opportunities to learn and work with churches, non-profits, and ministries in these regions.


Where did the travel teams go in 2023?

The Ministry Experience Travel Team headed out to the West Coast, learning and doing ministry in Southern California, as well as Phoenix, Arizona.

The Specialty Travel Teams: Worship Ministry Team & Worship Tech Team, were in the midwest, learning and doing ministry in Ohio and Indiana.

What are the dates for Travel Teams in 2024?

The Ministry Experience Travel Team is scheduled to begin Monday, June 10 and end on Wednesday, July 3. This team will not include Momentum Youth Conference, July 16 – 21, 2024, as part of their tour, though students are encouraged to consider attending with their student ministries from their church.

When can I apply for Travel Teams?

Applications for the 2024 Momentum Travel Teams opened on September 1, 2023, here on our Travel Team Website. We are still accepting applications for both teams!

A $50 discount will be available for those accepted students who refer another student the same year.  If you refer a friend and they are accepted onto the team the same year, you will receive a $50 discount off your total cost.

What is the application process?

Applications for the 2024 Momentum Travel Teams opened online September 1, 2023.

Applying for the Ministry Experience Team(s) involves 3 steps:
1. Complete the Online Application
2. Have your Parents complete the Parental Consent Form
3. Have your Pastor or Youth Leader Complete and Submit the Church Reference Form (which will be emailed to your Pastor once you submit your online application)

Applying for the Worship Ministry & Tech Team involves 4 steps:
1. Complete the Online Application
2. Have your Parents complete the Parental Consent Form
3. Have your Pastor or Youth Leader Complete and Submit the Church Reference Form (which will be emailed to your Pastor once you submit your online application)
4. If you are applying to be on the Worship Ministry side to lead music (with an instrument or as a vocalist), you’ll receive instructions to submit an Audition Video once you have submitted your online application (this is not required for Students applying for Worship Tech).

Once full applications are received, they are then reviewed by the Travel Team Staff, who will then send acceptance letters to students and their families (via email & mail). Students have 30 days from the date of their acceptance letter to pay their $250 confirmation deposit which will secure their spot on the team.

Once the confirmation deposit is received, students will receive a financial statement which provides financial deadlines along with instructions for setting up a GiveButter page – our online fundraising platform (our staff is available to help as needed!).

Depending how early they apply, students typically have 3-7 months to fundraise towards their financial goals. This is one reason we encourage students to apply early – so they have plenty of time to raise their full funding to reduce, or eliminate, the cost out of pocket.

All funds are due by June 1, 2024.

What is the cost for Travel Teams in 2024?

• The full support total for the Ministry Experience Travel Team is $2,500.

The cost for a summer ministry team can seem overwhelming when you look at the total and wonder how you can possibly raise those funds. You will want to check out the FAQ on what is included in this cost – the number of days of tour, where the tour is traveling, staffing costs, and hiring quality adult leaders who are ministry professionals can all have an impact on the support total. Here are some additional thoughts from our staff, as well as past parents and students, regarding finances/support money as it relates to Travel Teams…

• All Travel Team students receive $1,000 in scholarships to either Grace College or Lancaster Bible College for being on a Momentum Travel Team. And, if they complete the 5-month Faithfulness program after Travel Teams, they get an additional $1,000 per year, up to $4000 total! As one parent said last year “My child, who is going to Grace College, is actually getting our entire investment back, and then some!”

• It counts towards community service hours (which are often required for awards/scholarships) and it looks great on a job résumé. We are often asked for the total number of service hours so they can be listed for school requirements or scholarship applications – Travel Teams is the perfect way to get credit for those hours! We have known a number of students thru the years who got extra scholarship money at their chosen school because of all the activities thru Travel Teams that they were able to list on the scholarship application.

• When comparing other trips, make sure it is a like comparison and includes all housing and meals. The average sleepaway camp can average about $150 a day. The full support cost for the Ministry Experience Travel Team in 2023 was only $55 higher than the last two years even though the inflation rate is 8.3% currently! AND, there are opportunities to lessen that full support total by applying early and recruiting friends to also go. And think of the money you’ll save at home on your weekly food budget when you don’t have to feed your teenager for three weeks!

• The average Travel Teams student raises at least half of their support just by making the need known and many raise it all with little out of pocket – if you are willing to get the word out, you will probably be surprised and blessed by how God provides. Our giving platform, GiveButter, is a great way to share your trip with family and friends and will help you track your progress very easily. And, there is the potential of scholarship help, available by an application process in late spring, that is need-based.

• It’s a great way to depend on the Lord and see how He works in meeting the need. We have never known a student who applied who was not able to attend, only because of finances, in 50 years of running our Momentum Travel Teams!

What does that cost include?

• A confirmation deposit from the family, upon acceptance, to secure the student’s spot on the Travel Team – $250
• All Food and lodging for the entire trip
• Travel Team Journal, Team Shirt, Discipleship materials, On Track Devotions, and other training materials
• Equipment (ex. rental vans & luggage vehicles, fuel costs for vehicles, tour supplies, mailings)
• Expenses on tour (ex. Food, laundry, shower rentals, parking fees, etc.)
• If flying to orientation, transportation from the designated airport to the orientation site and transportation to the designated airport at the conclusion of tour.
• Staffing, leader expenses

Need-based Scholarships are available and are done through an application process.

What is not included in the cost?

Transportation from your home to the orientation site and transportation home after Travel Teams is over.

Where do the Travel Teams leaders come from?

Our Travel Team Leaders are experienced ministry professionals & volunteers who love working with students and are actively involved in their local church!

Momentum Staff recruit leaders who are known and trusted partners of Momentum Ministry Partners and each of the leaders goes through an application process with references and a background check.

Students will also receive training from our Momentum Ministry Partners staff.

How many are on a team?

Each year is a bit different, depending on the amount of applicants, where the tours are going, and leadership needs and ratios. A typical size team for our Ministry Experience Travel Team is between 15-24 students and 3-5 adult leaders. Our Specialty Travel Teams are usually smaller and have between 10-12 students and 2-3 adult leaders.

Where do the students stay while on Travel Teams and what do you do to safeguard students?

We use a “home base” model for our team housing, which means a designated location to house our students and leaders together for most, if not all, of the orientation and tour. Travel Team students generally sleep on the floor, unless the “home base” location has access to sufficient beds for the team. Students will need to bring a sleeping bag or other bedding (ex: air mattress, sheets, etc.).

Regarding safety, all leaders go through an application process with required references and submit to a background check. All of our leaders who will be driving any vehicles go through a driving course for safety certification.

All leaders go through standardized training regarding safety issues and wise decision making. No student is ever left alone, whether in a community service opportunity or assisting the church with ministry. There will always be at least two students together.

Each team has one leader who is designated as the leader responsible for the health issues on the team—leaders travel with health information that parents/guardians provide. Should a health issue arise with a student, leaders will do their best to contact parents/guardians to see how they would like the situation handled.

Is there a luggage limit and how much can I pack?

A packing list will be provided to guide you in what to take on Travel Teams. You are limited to one suitcase, one overnight case or gym bag, a backpack, and one sleeping bag and pillow.

I have dietary restrictions – can I still go on Travel Teams?

Absolutely. Whether the student is diabetic, gluten free/celiac, lactose intolerant, or even allergic to certain food items like nuts, we are open to working with the student/family as far as what they may need to bring with them on tour and what we can provide. We would ask that if you have any questions about this, you contact our Travel Team Staff at

Am I able to bring my cell phone, iPad, or computer on Travel Teams?

Students may bring a cell phone. Phones and chargers will be collected during orientation, and students will be given periodic access to their phones to call parents weekly and potentially update social media as applicable–students are encouraged and provided opportunities to call home.

iPads and computers should be left at home.

Is there an online fundraising platform the travel team students can use to raise funds towards the cost of the trip?

Givebutter is the online platform we use so Travel Team students can quickly and easily raise funds for their Travel Team experience. When a student is accepted, they’ll receive lots of materials, including instructions (it’s easy, we promise!) to set up a Givebutter fundraising page and what to post. Once that is done, students can copy the URL to their personal fundraising page and send that out to friends, family, church members, and others. Acceptance materials will also include strategies and suggestions for raising funds for their trip! Supporters can visit the page and make a donation through each student’s Givebutter site and those donations will be immediately credited to that student.

Momentum Ministry Partners will also promote the Givebutter site to our supporters and encourage them to make donations to individual students. So we recommend that students set up their Givebutter page right away so that they can be included in those fundraising promotions!

One reason we use Givebutter is that it is a free platform for Momentum Ministry Partners, and Givebutter does not retain any of the donations made. That means on Givebutter, the full amount of each gift is given to the student’s participation costs. You will see places on the Givebutter site which suggest a ‘tip’, which is an additional amount to the gift. Tips are completely optional. Givebutter collects these tips to support their operating efforts, which allows the platform to be free for organizations like Momentum Ministry Partners. We leave that choice completely up to the individual making a gift.

If any supporters wish to send a check for their donation instead of paying by one of Givebutter’s virtual methods (credit card, venmo, paypal, applepay or googlepay), they can find instructions for that on the student’s Givebutter page. When we receive these checks, we will add them to the student’s Givebutter page, so students can always see their current fundraising total on their page.

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With Momentum Ministry Partners’ Travel Teams program, young church members can gain valuable skills and ministry experience, share the gospel and their faith, and make lasting friendships that last a lifetime. Spend quality time with God and inspirational church leaders and bring back these experiences to help grow your local church.

Contact us today to learn more about our Momentum Travel Teams or any of our ministry programs.

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