Evangelism does not have to be a scary word. At our Urban Center, located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, you’ll discover that if you can have a conversation with someone, you are one step closer to sharing your faith.

A lot gets packed into a weekend visit to the Urban Center. When you come, our staff will guide you through servant-hearted service through homeless ministry in the center of Kensington, a neighborhood where your heart will be broken by the very things that break God’s heart, seeing the real struggles of poverty, addiction, and broken systems, but you’ll also see the beautiful diversity that makes up the body of Christ and those He created. You’ll also venture into the heart of downtown Philadelphia, for an exciting scavenger hunt among the city crowds. This fun exercise will reveal a deeper understanding of conversation and connection with those around you, and a look at how you can take that home to reach those you encounter in your daily life.

Are you ready for a taste of missions? We are now booking summer weekend trips for church groups (youth or adults – all are welcome!), school groups, and more. Reach out today if your group is interested as we have a limited number of opportunities!  Email Rob Rojas, at rrojas@buildmomentum.org with your questions or to book your trip.