I’m Bethany Miller, wife of Eric Miller who is the director of ministry operations for CE National. CE has been offering Digital Labs of recent and I had the distinct pleasure and privilege to host a Digital Lab for ministry wives. We got to chat with Carly Nicodemus and Meghan Johnson exploring the joys and challenges of this very unique calling that we have of being a pastor’s wife or maybe it’s a ministry wife. Your husband may not hold the title of ‘pastor’ but if he’s in ministry we want you to know you’re included too.
We had a great conversation, but what was even better was the feedback that we got from you afterwards. We had a number of women reach out and just talk about how meaningful that conversation was and I have to tell you that touches my heart and I’m so glad that meant something to you. It also tells us there’s a need for women to connect and a need that CE National can help with providing some resources.
Based on your feedback, we’re really excited to be coming up with a series of Digital Labs directed specifically toward women in ministry and ministry wives for all you who are walking this journey with us.
We’re excited to connect with you both on some upcoming Digital Lab topics as well as some virtual meet-up groups where you’ll be able to participate as well and join in the conversation. I’m looking forward to connecting with you on those. If you have topics that you think we should be exploring that would be helpful to other women in ministry, please leave a comment below and let us know as we develop this new track so we can best be of service to you.
I’m looking forward to connecting with you, learning from you and I hope you’ll join me in this new development.
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Digital Labs for Ministry Wives