At Momentum Ministry Partners, we understand how important it is to prepare for the future. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to training and inspiring young people to take active roles in the direction and future of their local churches. Our Momentum EDU program is just one of many ways we provide resources for young people to build a brighter future for everyone.

Momentum EDU features a unique combination of hands-on ministry training with academic rigor and focus, all under the leadership of current ministry professionals. Through a partnership with Grace College, students can earn a major in Youth Ministry taught with a biblical worldview through Momentum EDU. In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at this unique opportunity for ministry education and discussing how Momentum EDU can help college-aged students further develop their faith and benefit from practical ministry opportunities.

Momentum Ministry Partners is dedicated to equipping the next generation of church leaders with the resources, education, and inspiration they need to share the gospel and the teachings of Christ. We partner with local churches to provide resources and a range of unique ministry experiences, including our Urban Centers program, Travel Teams, and our renowned national youth conference.

Momentum Ministry Partners provides participants with the leadership and guidance to pursue a personal relationship with God so they can unlock their full potential. If you’re looking for engaging ministry experiences or a life-changing church conference in 2023 for your young church members, Momentum Ministry Partners is here to help.

What is Momentum EDU?

Let’s start with the basics: what exactly is Momentum EDU? Our Momentum EDU program works to help young people who feel a calling to be in ministry work. We focus on training and inspiring these young church members so they can further develop a personal relationship with God and become the next generation of pastors and church leaders.

We partner with Grace College in Indiana (with a satellite location in Akron, OH) to offer college students a college education to earn their Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry. With this accredited Youth Ministry degree, students can make workable connections between biblical teachings and relational ministry. The courses that make up this degree program prepare students to explore important questions so they can create conversation (and action) in a Christian college context, and beyond.

EDU facilitates a unique college experience with benefits that transcend the traditional college experience. We strive to revolutionize the way that ministry training is accomplished by infusing education of theology with opportunities to practice it in the real world while still in school. Momentum EDU students receive mentorship and guidance from experienced faculty members and leaders who are also actively working in local churches. In this way, students are learning from their professors’ current challenges in ministry, getting the most cutting edge insight into today’s ministry culture. This also opens up a dynamic network of ministry professionals to students for seeking mentors, internships, and post-graduation jobs. Whether pursued as a major or as a minor, a degree in Youth Ministry can truly transform our students and their relationships with God and their communities.

Who is Momentum EDU Designed For?

Momentum EDU was created for college-aged students serious about pursuing a career in Youth Ministry and making a real impact in their communities. While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry, students will engage in a variety of courses and hands-on ministry experiences to provide real and impactful ministry training.

Our Momentum EDU program offers real-world training and experiences that will equip students for careers in church administration, youth ministries, community services, and many other opportunities. We designed Momentum EDU so students can apply what they learn in the classroom and gain valuable leadership skills and ministry experience. Each year students have opportunities to travel to one of the Momentum Urban Centers in Philadelphia or LA to experience cross-cultural ministry training.

Students are also encouraged, and provided opportunities, for internships in large, local churches so they can begin gaining real-world, day-to-day ministry experience in a safe learning environment before graduation. By employing a faculty of current ministry professionals, students also have access to additional opportunities that these pastors and leaders can provide.

What Does This Ministry Program Involve?

What exactly can someone expect from the Momentum EDU experience? The Youth Ministry degree at Grace College is part of the ministry department and provides training for youth ministry courses. As part of the broader ministry department, this degree incorporates general theology courses, Testament classes, and hands-on ministry opportunities so that students can apply what they learn.

Similar to our other ministry programs, such as our Travel Teams or Urban Centers, Momentum EDU emphasizes the connection between theory and practice. We don’t just want to educate students in Youth Ministry—we want to give them the tools and the real-world experience to make an impact in today’s world. We strive to teach young people how to think (not what to think) so that they can develop successful strategies for engaging with their local communities and churches. At Momentum Ministry Partners, we emphasize learning by doing, which is one of the key benefits of Momentum EDU.

Why is Momentum EDU Valuable?

With Momentum EDU, we have forged a path for those interested in making their faith a core focus of their careers. A degree in Youth Ministry can open doors for those interested in pursuing professional ministry work or looking to find a career within their local churches. Momentum EDU encourages students to lead now—not just wait until graduation—so that they can practically put their lessons and ideals into action.

While there are many other ministry degree programs across the country, we believe that we’ve developed something unique. Our ministry programs and teachings hold true to the Bible and a Biblical worldview and we ground our faith in these pillars. However, Momentum EDU program is much more than just lectures, notes, and essays. We strongly encourage students to get real work done in their communities and local churches.

By engaging our students with real-world ministry opportunities, we give them a space to do real ministry now, which results in real thinking on a deeper level. We strive to help students consider how they contextualize what they learn in class to make an impact on the world around them.

Conclusion – Momentum EDU: Where Ministry and Education Fuse

There are few achievements as rewarding as a college education. But when you have the opportunity to weave your college education with a Biblical framework and hands-on ministry opportunities, your college education can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in your entire life. That’s exactly what we strive to offer through our unique Momentum EDU program. Momentum EDU provides students with a path toward a Youth Ministry degree and the tools they’ll need to become leaders in the Church.

Contact us today to learn more about our full lineup of fulfilling ministry opportunities. Our ministry programs include our national youth conference, Travel Teams, Urban Centers, and of course, Momentum EDU. Together, we know that we can work to spread the gospel, touch more lives with these teachings, and prepare the church for a brighter future.