What are Power Tracks?
Power Tracks are hour-long breakout sessions that take place on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Momentum Youth Conference. Each year we strive to provide knowledgeable speakers who teach on the most relevant topics for today’s students, hitting the issues that mean the most to them.

Power Tracks offered at Momentum Youth Conference 2023:

Exploring Biblical Creation – Nate Bosch and Don DeYoung
The Bible gives clear direction for understanding nature. We will explore the Week of Creation, dinosaurs and ice ages, gravity, intelligent design, space, environmental care and more. Four basic components of Biblical creation will be illustrated. This Power Track is designed to encourage confidence in God’s control over the world, and to explore our part in creation care and stewardship.

Current Events in the Bible and Science – Nate Bosch and Don DeYoung
Current Bible-science research topics include climate change, carbon-14 dating, microplastics, Genesis flood evidence, electric vehicles, the Webb Telescope, UFOs and the 2024 solar eclipse. These and other recent topics will be explained with Biblical creation insights. While answering common questions, the topics provide a refreshing way to share our faith with others.

How to Share Jesus & Reach Your School for Christ – Decision Point
In this power track you’ll learn how to clearly share the gospel, ways to start the conversation and 5 ideas to proclaim Christ. We’ll equip you with all the ins and outs of how to start & lead a Christian club at your school, and how to plan an outreach event with free food, exciting speakers, and the good news where dozens or hundreds of your peers can come hear about Jesus. During this Power Track you’ll experience powerful testimonies of students just like you that have shared their faith and are leading for Christ at their school!

Broken and Blended Families – Bruce Barlow
They fought, then they divorced, now what? This Power Track will equip you to think biblically about the pain and problems of divorce and how to navigate the dynamics of a blended family. What happened between your parents does not and should not define your future walk with Jesus nor your future marriage. We’ll look at how the Bible calls us to view marriage, divorce, and honoring of our parents, especially when disappointed by them or their choices. What about stepfamilies? Our hurt can cause barriers against having a healthy blended family BUT God’s mercy and grace can make us a blessing to our blended family.

When “You Do You” Falls Apart – Ted and Kaylan Offutt
Our culture tells us ‘You Do You!’ Be true to yourself, and don’t try and change anyone else. But is that right or true? If we are known by God, wouldn’t we want to make Him known? If God is changing us to be the best version of ourselves, wouldn’t we want to invite and urge others to let God do that same with them?

Deconstructing God: Knowing I Can Know – Dr. Randall Smith
Does belief make sense in a skeptical world? These days, the struggle isn’t just doubt, its strong opposition to the idea that we can actually KNOW truth, KNOW morality and ultimately KNOW God.

Deconstructing God: Deciding How to Decide – Dr. Randall Smith
Can I lay a solid foundation beneath my choices based on more than just feelings? How much of my choice is rooted simply in my desires? Did God leave us any way to know when we are truly making the right choices?

Guys Only: What Makes a Man – Cody Ray and Tony Villafane
Does turning 18 make you a man? Does your gender alone, make you a man? In his book Five Marks of a Man, Brian Tome breaks down the differences between what boys do and who men are. Join us as we discover the path to courageous manhood that honors God, respects women, elevates others, and sets a vision for a meaningful life.

Real or Not Real… how to identify God’s truth over lies – Mark Artrip
Every day we swim in a world of news, opinions, relationships and cultural norms. How do we filter all the information the world is throwing at us? How can we love people and have impact, and identify lies and walk in the truth? Join us as we learn how to identify God’s truth and build our lives on what it says.

Living and Active: Why We Need the Word of God – Trey Storr
Description – Is the Bible really important? Nearly every Christian would affirm that it is, but we often struggle to read our Bibles and apply it to daily life. This Power Track will feature the testimony of Trey Storr and how Scripture changed his path from pursuing a career in baseball to going into full-time ministry.

Girls Only: Let’s Talk About Sex – Alli Nathan and Hannah Campbell
Calling all girls! Join us as we dive straight into the awkward, with the good ol’ “Birds and the Bees” and anything you want to know about sex! God’s word points us to true fulfillment in him!

Girls Only: What is a Real Relationship? – Alli Nathan and Hannah Campbell
Calling all girls! We’re talking about all sorts of relationships in this session – best friends, guy friends, dating, engagements, and even your parents. God’s word points us to true fulfillment in him!

Finding Joy – Janine Lansing
Life is rarely what the fairy tales describe. The world says, “you do you”, “follow your heart”, “do whatever makes you happy” and yet life still feels empty and without purpose. Jesus said that He came to give life abundant and joy overflowing. So, what’s the deal? This power track answers the questions and gives simple practical actions we can start today to begin changing the narrative and finally find that elusive joy.

Choosing to Trust – Janine Lansing
Fear grips us. Worry consumes us. And yet Jesus says “Do not worry. Do not be afraid”. Is this truly possible? Can we live a worry-free life full of confidence, courage, and peace? This power track answers the questions and gives practical steps to trust and persevere through the hardest of life’s circumstances.

Loving God and Loving Others – Nick Mazza
The Bible has over 600 laws, but Jesus boils it down to only 2: Love God and Love people. Easier said than done. How do we love God and people the way God desires, not just how our society/culture demands? Let’s dive into what God’s Word says about loving Him and the people He created!

Discovering God’s Call – Rob Rojas
Many people wonder what God wants for their lives. Many feel that God’s plan demands a specific calling or profession and finding that can be difficult and confusing. Understanding yourself and God is necessary for you to join God in what He is already doing. Discovering one’s calling is commonly linked to the Christian faith. Join me to explore more about uncovering God’s calling.

Identifying and Overcoming Anxiety and Depression – Bethany Miller and Drew Waggoner
If you have felt nervously stalked by an invisible threat that seems like no one else around you is afraid of, you might struggle with anxiety. Others suffer in silence with no real explanation about why happiness just isn’t meant for them—depression’s darkness. For others still, it’s both. If you, or someone you know, can relate, then join us to hear some practical truths, tools, and a story you might be experiencing yourself.

Mr. Beast and Jesus – Blake Cruise
Join us as we dive into social media’s incredible power and how we can use it for God’s Kingdom (without being cringy).
In this Power Track, we’re going to discuss content creation, trends, and being an influencer.

Who Am I? Identity in Christ – Dillon Cram
When you meet someone for the first time and you are introducing yourself, what are the first couple of things you’d say? Would you say things like I play sports, I’m in band, I’m big into video games, I like to draw, or talk about your sexual preference? While some of these things are okay to engage in, when does it shift from, a hobby/something you like, to what you find your identity in? How do we go from being an athlete, to being a Christian who happens to play sports? Come learn what it means to stop putting our identity in things of the world that will let us down and learn what it truly means to find who we are in Jesus!

Asking for a friend: Honoring God with Your Sexuality – Dr. Juli Slattery
How does knowing Jesus Christ impact your sexuality? You may feel like God and sex live in separate categories of your life. While God is Holy, your sexuality can feel shameful. In this power track, Dr. Juli Slattery addresses some of the most confusing and difficult questions about honoring God with your sexuality.

Sexual Identity and Freedom – Jess Livigni
Who or what is defining your sexual identity…and your identity as a whole? We are told that happiness is found in discovering and defining our own sexuality and our own identity. Is this pursuit leading us to happiness and freedom or is it actually enslaving us?

Am I alone? Exploring causes of loneliness and solutions to it – Zoe Oseni
Being a teenager can be really lonely. You are surrounded by people all the time but can feel like no one really knows you or sees you. In this power track, learn how to develop deeper friendships and how to find peace in a world of anxiety.

Knowing God vs Knowing ABOUT God – Rothen Bedford
What does it mean to KNOW God? Not just know ABOUT Him. Not just to know what He has said, and what He had done; but to know Him in a deep, personal, life-changing kind of way. Come and engage a conversation on who God is and how you can know him the way you were designed to!

Asking for a Friend? Questions about Gender, Sexuality, and Identity – Tim Sprankle and Zac Hess
You have friends who are struggling with their bodies, feelings, and self-perception. Some are same-sex attracted. Others want to change their name, pronoun, or gender label. Perhaps, you have more questions than answers. But you also expect God has spoken about gender, sexuality, and identity somewhere in the Bible. You’re right! And in this Power Track you can ask for your friend.

Fighting Fear – Corbin Hogue
Can I do it? What will others think about it? I’m not like everybody else? Sound familiar…these are the thoughts we all have when we are going to do anything of significance. Often times these thoughts can leave us paralyzed. But what if I told you, you can do all the things the Lord has called you to do, all while still being afraid?

Learning to Lead – Timothy Kurtaneck
Do you want to have influence? How about learn to lead others in your school, church and more? This Power Track will offer valuable lessons learned from years of leadership experience that will help you gain confidence and take next steps in leading in your environments!

Your God Story : A Path to Full-Time Ministry – Brad Deetscreek, Shannon Simmons, and Tim Lansing
You surrendered your life to God, and you are wondering what’s next? You may be sensing the spirit of God pressing you to be fully committed to him in areas of your life, such as your career choice. As God unfolds the next chapter in your life, could He be writing a story in you that involves full-time ministry? Come hear from three different full-time ministry professionals, all with unique stories of how God brought them to full-time ministry and ways to discover your path as well.

Finding Your Place in the Marketplace – Audrey Wallace
What do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe you see yourself in business, construction, health, education… No matter what title is on your business card, we are all called to go into the world and make disciples! If you feel called into the marketplace, join us to talk about how God has given you everything you need to do excellent work and, most importantly, to share the gospel with your coworkers.

Reaching a world that doesn’t think they need Jesus – Mark Clark
Mark will be exploring cultural apologetics. He will address the questions our post-Christian culture are asking and wrestling with and give insight on how to engage them with biblical and culturally relevant answers.