Most surveys (think George Barna asking his wife questions when he gets home in the evening) still show that 80-90% of new people at church come because they were invited by a friend.
So our faithful people are the best way to guests and new regulars.
But how many come back the second time, and more, because of the sermon and the worship service? Maybe ask your wife, but we think it is a lot of them. Many, many.
So here we start the church year with a ‘pedia on sermons. Some basics, indeed, about the main point. Then some very practical little suggestions (that’s the second question). Then some very different views about the series of sermons we do.
For sure, we all three agree that I Peter 4:11 gives us at once our greatest challenge, promise, and goal when we preach.
– Knute, for Jeff and JimPastor