Jeff Bogue, president of CE National and lead pastor of Grace Church of Greater Akron, gives tips and advice for leading your church and ministry well.

Be in the Snapshot

I learned the phrase “Be in the snapshot” from friend and mentor Bob Combs. When people are in crisis, the pastor/leader/youth worker needs to be is in the snapshot. When people are in crisis they take a mental image and what they do with that mental image is capture a moment in time. You want to be in that moment. You don’t want to be at the forefront of it. They’re not taking that image of you, it’s not your portrait. You want to be in the background of that snapshot. I want to be present. Don’t check out. Don’t disappear. I want to be there in a consistent way. Touch base and remind people that I love them and am here for them. I want to keep that time short. The time for counseling and deep things is later. In the middle of crisis, you want to touch base and have a consistent personal presence. You want to be in that snapshot.