July 16 -21, 2024 @ Indiana Wesleyan University

Setting the stage for your youth group going into the school year is essential. Finding an experience that is not just a “mountain top experience” but a true launching point designed to help students build momentum through the rest of the year is what will make a lasting difference in your group.

Momentum is an epic experience purposefully designed to impact students’ lives in powerful ways! We offer foundational sessions, in-depth breakout tracks, afternoon fun and games options, and hands-on, real-world ministry opportunities. Your students will experience awesome growth in their relationships within their own youth group and under your leadership and mentoring.

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Greg S. | Dare 2 Share

“If you want your students to experience a deeper connection with God and a greater love for the lost, send them to Momentum.”

- Greg Stier, Founder of Dare 2 Share
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Todd S. | Youth Pastor

“Our students come back motivated to put their faith into action. We see this in how they serve and their intentionality in reaching their friends at school. I honestly believe Momentum Youth Conference is the best conference for young people.”

- Todd Shoemaker, Youth Pastor at Grace Church, Akron, OH
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Sean M. | Speaker & Author

“Momentum is a game-changing experience to help students understand and live their faith.”

- Sean McDowell, National Speaker & Author
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Cody R. | Youth Pastor

“Momentum is a great catalyst for our student ministry and sets the tone for what the rest of our year will look like. The presence is felt and lasting relationships are built. It's always one the first things to go on our calendar.”

- Cody Ray, Youth Pastor at Connection Christian Church, York, PA

Who Can Attend the Student Ministry Conference

Those in grades 6 through 12 for the 2023-2024 school year. Registration includes lunch and dinner, all programming, and housing. A breakfast plan is available.
Youth Worker
Youth workers are adults who are housed in dorms with their own students. Each group must have a 1 to 12 ratio of youth workers to students per gender. Registration includes lunch and dinner as well as breakfast during the daily staff/youth worker meetings, all programming, and housing in student dorms with your church’s students per gender.

Individuals wishing to register and serve as a youth worker need to be at least 21 years of age. If younger than 21, contact to see if you still qualify to register as a youth worker.

Adult Guests Staying Off Campus
Adult guest registration is $245 and includes session admission for the week plus lunch and dinner. A breakfast plan is optional for purchase. You are responsible for your own housing off-campus.

Adult Guests (staying off campus) are only available for those who are one year out of high school and older. This registration package is not available for anyone younger than 18 years of age. Anyone younger than 18 years of age wishing to attend Main Sessions or purchase meals should consider the Day Guest registration.

Day Guests
Day Guest passes are only for admittance to the Main Sessions. Participation in any training tracks or afternoon schedules is not available. On-campus meals may be purchased separately.
Online Day Guest registration is available and can be found through the “Register” button on our website. Guests are also welcome to register once they arrive on campus. Admittance to Main Session is $20 per session for adults and students (12 years old and older) and $10 per session for children (aged 6-11 years old). Infants to 5-year-olds are free. Payment is due either at the time of online registration or at check-in located at the Chapel beginning 30 minutes prior to the start of each main session. Payment may be made at Guest Check-In by check, cash, or credit card or online with advanced registration.

More details can be found in the Day Guest Policy here.


Volunteers are those who graduated from high school at least a year ago and who attend the conference to assist staff in several areas. Because volunteers have significant responsibilities each day during the week, Momentum assists in helping underwrite a portion of registration. As there are 25 volunteer positions available, payment of the initial $75 deposit can secure your spot to fill any of those positions once accepted.

Interested volunteers should complete an application as their first step. Once accepted, the Registrar will send a link to register as a volunteer. Click here to learn more about volunteering at Momentum Youth Conference and to fill out the application form.

Child caregiver

A registrant who supervises the children of a Staff Member or Youth Worker. A Child Caregiver could be one of the parents — but would need to register as a “Child Caregiver” if not bringing another adult to serve in that role. A parent who is a Momentum Child Care Giver is unable also to be a Momentum Youth Worker. By Momentum’s policy, nobody younger than a 6th-grade student is allowed to be housed in the student dorm.

Main Session Seating: Parents or Child Caregivers with children younger than sixth grade will need to be seated in the designated balcony area for families with children. No children are permitted to be seated on the main floor level. A live feed viewing area is located directly outside this balcony seating area. Parents are expected to take restless children here to continue viewing the session. Children and, by proxy, Child Caregivers are unable to attend Power Track Seminars, Youth Worker Labs, and Staff Meetings or to go off campus with the ministry options.

Registration is $285 if registered by June 15, 2024, and $350 if registering between June 16, 2024 and July 16, 2024. That registration includes lunch, dinner, and housing in the Staff dorms. A breakfast plan is optional ($30). See our child policy for more information.

Since Momentum is geared toward middle and high school students, we don’t encourage adult registrants to bring children under 12 years of age. If you must bring children under sixth grade, please note that no one under the age of 12 is allowed to be housed in the dorm with Momentum students and youth leaders, and they are unable to have admittance into the main level of the main session. See our Child Policy for more information. Child Registration costs are:

  • Infant to 4 years old: $45 Register Jan 1 – June 15, or $60 Register June 16th to July 16th (eat free in the dining IWU cafeteria by IWU policy).
  • 5 years old to 5th grade: $195 Register Jan 1 – June 15, or $210 Register June 16th to July 16th (includes lunch and dinner).
  • A $25 breakfast plan for 5-year-olds – An option for 5th grade children may also be purchased during registration (individual breakfasts can also be purchased).

Be A Volunteer

We love volunteers who make the Momentum experience possible. Let us know if you’re interested in serving with us at Momentum, July 16-21, 2024.

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2023 Theme: KNOWN

momentum youth conference known theme

During Momentum Youth Conference 2023 we’ll be exploring the theme of KNOWN, what it means to know, and be known, by God.

Our theme verse for the week is 1 John 4:16a: “We know how much God loves us and we have put our trust in His love”

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