Momentum Ministry Partners is dedicated and focused on investing in today’s young leaders to help them deepen their faith in Jesus, develop a personal relationship with God, and use their gifts and talents to serve the Kingdom. It is our desire to partner with local churches to support them as they raise up the next generation of ministry leaders, and also encourage those already in ministry. If you’re looking for engaging ministry experiences or a life-changing church conference in 2023 for your students, Momentum Ministry Partners is here to help.

There are many reasons to take your youth group to a youth conference this year. From quality teachings and lessons, breakout sessions designed to help students answer questions they care most about, and a lineup of dynamic guest speakers, a youth conference can help your young church members expand their faith and deepen their relationship with God – and have fun along the way!

At Momentum Ministry Partners, we are immensely proud of our full lineup of ministry experiences, including our Urban Centers and Travel Teams, but our national youth conference is our true flagship program. Operating for more than 80 years, Momentum Youth Conference combines all the excitement of a summer youth camp with the resources and educational focus of a national conference and tops it off with the hands-on experiences of a mission trip to create a week-long ministry experience unlike any other.

Momentum Ministry Partners Youth Conference

The Momentum Ministry Partners youth conference has been operating for over 80 years and has served countless middle and high-school students and their youth leaders. Designed for students in 6th to 12th grade, our national youth conference provides students and church leaders with the resources, teachings, and inspiration to further develop their relationship with God and bring that passion back to their own local churches. We know it is the meaningful relationships we build with local churches that allow us to equip those who attend our youth conference with the tools and resources to make a meaningful impact on the future of the Church.

Students who attend Momentum Youth Conference can expect a unique combination of high-energy activities, passionate speakers who know how to make meaningful connections with a student audience, and hands-on ministry experiences that put these lessons into action. Not only do students learn about a Biblical worldview, but they are given opportunities to go out into nearby communities and actually practice it as they learn it..

Hosted on a university campus, we take care of all the details so church leaders can focus on investing in and discipling the students in their care. Once you sign up your youth group, we’ll take care of the rest. We handle all lodging, dining, and programming for the entire week so church leaders and their students can get the most out of the conference.

In addition to hands-on ministry opportunities and guest speakers, we also offer breakout sessions where students and youth leaders can discuss and learn about the most pressing cultural issues facing Christian teenagers today. We work with current youth leaders to select breakout session topics so we can focus on what really matters to our participants. For example, session topics may include how to use my Bible, learning more about gender identity, or how to use social media in ways to better serve God. We also offer “Asking for a Friend” sessions where students can ask questions anonymously. Students get to choose their own breakout sessions, so they can dive deeper into the topics that are most meaningful to them.

What Makes Our Youth Conference Unique?

It’s no secret that there are numerous youth conferences out there. With so many options, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for your youth group. But at Momentum Ministry Partners, we believe that our care, dedication, and devotion to a Biblical worldview truly make our youth conference stand apart from the rest.

At Momentum, we’re all about building and maintaining relationships. We treat each youth group as family and do everything we can to ensure they get the most out of our annual youth conference experience. We want to serve as the catalyst for these youth groups so they can then facilitate positive changes and build momentum in their own churches all year long.

Take a look at what makes Momentum Youth Conference so special:

  • Nationally recognized guest speakers.
  • Focused breakout sessions that address the needs of your youth group.
  • Hands-on ministry experiences within local communities.
  • Built in youth group time for each group to debrief and grow together.
  • Variety of afternoon activities including sports tournaments, engaging group games, arts, free-play activities, and more.
  • Training and resources for youth leaders.
  • Follow-ups and resources for your youth group throughout the year.
  • Access to all the video and audio resources from the breakout sessions.
  • Open to a wide range of denominations (that align with our statement of faith).
  • All-inclusive conference experience (simply show up and we’ll do the rest).
  • Discounts available for new churches.

At Momentum Ministry Partners, we work hard to support local churches by providing resources and inspiration to fuel their own growth. It’s our vision that Momentum Youth Conference can serve as a pinnacle experience that your church looks forward to the entire year and sets a positive tone long after the experience has finished.

Build Your Momentum With Our National Youth Conference

At our national youth conference, we do everything we can to open our doors to as many youth groups as possible. Simply stated, we love working with new churches and students and value the opportunity to enrich more lives. That’s why we focus on making our youth conference accessible and beneficial for new churches looking for a youth conference experience.

If you’re curious about the Momentum Youth Conference, our team of directors is always available to meet and answer all your questions. Whether over Zoom or a quick phone call, we can help you determine whether or not our youth conference is the right fit for your youth group. We also work hard to accommodate youth groups who are coming from far away. To help accommodate your trip, we try to be flexible with our dates and can host your group a day early prior to the conference to make your travel planning that much easier.

Additionally, we’re also offering monetary discounts for new churches looking for Christian conferences in 2023. To secure your new church discount, email It’s just one way we strive to open the doors to new churches and new members.

Youth Conference Testimonials

Over our years of operating various church youth events, we’ve had the privilege of serving countless students and church leaders. Forging these impactful relationships is the core reason we created our youth conference and we love when previous students return year after year each summer. Many of our former students have even gone on to become leaders in their own churches where they now bring their own youth group to our conference.

Curious about what our youth conference experience is all about? Take a look at two testimonials from two of our cherished friends:

Aaron Key, Grace Akron East:

“I grew up attending Momentum since I was in 8th grade. I never missed a year. I actually still attribute many extremely important moments in my faith to Momentum. I can remember specific moments and speakers who played formative roles in some of the things I understand about Jesus that changed my life. Additionally, it was a week that I always looked forward to in my walk with Christ, relationships with friends, and never ceased to be amazed when I put myself in a position to be changed.

Now as a pastor, I’ve watched the same thing happen year after year for my own students. Momentum changes their lives every year. Some students accept Christ, some students make huge leaps in their spiritual growth and connection with Christ, some move into ministry, and all of them are impacted every single year. It pays back its weight in gold for my students, leaders, students’ connection to church leaders, our home church, and even is impactful for leaders I bring. I cannot say enough good things about Momentum. I look forward to it every year because I know God will impact my students and my own heart.”

Shawn Gerhardt-Kreiser, New Beginning Charis:

“I initially attended Momentum as a chaperone with my children’s youth group. What inexpressible joy and worship to be a ‘spectator’ in the lives of your kids and their friends as the Holy Spirit leads them in making life-changing decisions before the Lord and their peers. Momentum is a proven atmosphere for many teens finding themselves attentive to the nudges and calls of the Lord Jesus in their lives.

Even as I returned to Momentum years later in the capacity as a volunteer, I again was blown away by the encouragement I experienced serving youth groups and the chaperones. I found 100% applicability in my life through the messages I heard. For the remainder of the summer, I led our family Bible fellowship (Sunday school class) as we rewound the messages and experienced the teaching by these incredible Momentum speakers once again.”

Conclusion – Why Take Your Youth Group to a Youth Conference?

If you’re looking for a fun, rewarding, and spiritually fulfilling experience for your youth group, our national youth conference could be the perfect answer. Combining the spirit of a church camp with the Biblical teachings and guest speakers commonly found at national conferences, the Momentum Youth Conference can serve to enrich the lives of your church members and inspire them to build momentum in their own churches.

Contact us to learn more about our complete selection of rewarding ministry opportunities. At Momentum Ministry Partners, our ministry programs include our national youth conference, Urban Center, Travel Teams, and more. Together, we believe that we can work to touch more lives, share and spread the Gospel, and prepare the church for a brighter future.