Momentum is not just a conference, but a ministry experience too!

We realize that it’s hard to be able to go to a conference AND a missions trip each year. That’s partly why we incorporate ministry opportunities into Momentum.

The other reason we incorporate ministry into Momentum as much as we do is because we believe it is our biblical mandate to be on mission. We want ministry opportunities at Momentum to be transferable experiences that act as a catalyst for students to be ON MISSION at home.

At Momentum and CE National, we base ministry on three levels. Level one is ministry that’s hands on labor which blesses others but doesn’t necessarily incorporate students sharing about their faith. Level two happens when you get to incorporate conversation and share about the Gospel and level three is when you get to incorporate conversation and share about the Gospel and how Jesus has worked in your life with somebody who is your peer. We wish to incorporate all three of these levels into ON MISSION opportunities at Momentum.

In 2019, Momentum will be at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN. During the week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons, and Saturday) we give the opportunity for groups to go out into Marion, Ft Wayne, Kokomo, and Indianapolis to minister to people using level one ministry (manual labor, kids carnival, etc) as a means to incorporate level two conversations. We hope that by intentionally equipping students (and youth workers) to initiate conversations, that they will then transfer this back home to their own community/school/work place, etc. (Thus initiating level three ministry).

We teach simple acronyms and methods in main sessions to help students know how to start conversations and simply share. For example, FISH stands for be Friendly, Initiate conversation, Serve, share the Hope of the Gospel. We practice this method together and equip our conference body to go out ON MISSION.

Below are some ways that Momentum has ministered in past years:


As Momentum headed to Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL in 2014, the conference largely commissioned students into the city of Chicago. Groups where given pre-selected areas of Chicago to disperse over and have intentional conversations with residents. From downtown Chicago, the magnificent mile, and Navy Pier, to cultural neighborhoods and residential sections, student were equipped with tools to start conversations and talk about how Jesus has changed their life.


While in Indiana at Indiana Wesleyan University in 2013, Momentum had the opportunity to minister to people in Marion, IN through many different partnerships. Some groups had the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity in the afternoons and help build a house for a family. Other groups traveled to help at homeless shelters, evangelism opportunities, painting, interacting with people in neighborhoods and much more!


Momentum had the opportunity to serve people in some of the poorest counties of Kentucky when we were at Eastern Kentucky University. Students participated in manual labor projects, park ministry, clean-up, distribution, and more. We hosted a concert on the EKU campus which drew in hundreds of motorcycle bikers (pictured below). We had the opportunity to work with local churches, nursing homes, Habitat for Humanity, God’s Outreach ministry and other local organizations to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


At the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, PA, students canvassed the greater Johnstown area, neighboring towns, and even Pittsburgh with manual labor projects, park programs, prayer walks, children’s events, and more. 1,000 “Just Add Water” WaSH packs were packed to be sent to Haiti through CPR-3.


In 2010, Momentum packed enough food to feed 293 Haitian children for a year through Feed My Starving Children. Students also canvassed the greater Dayton, OH area to provide help and service to hundreds of people.


In 2009, 2000 students and youth workers invaded the entire community of McKees Rocks in Pittsburgh, PA to provide over 400 families with food, and to do countless service projects.


In 2008, over 1,500 young people “invaded” the city of Dayton, Ohio to provide tangible assistance to people at or below the level of poverty – as well as sharing the gospel with them. Another 400 young people helped to pack meals that would be delivered to a third world country to assist with feeding starving children. And students gave offerings over $94,000 to help start orphanages in Cambodia and Thailand.


As part of the 2007 conference held in Mississippi, we assisted to build 11 homes and refurbish another 25 homes in two cities recovering from Hurricane Katrina.