Momentum Co-Sponsor

At Grace College, you’ll be known, cared for, and discipled in your walk with Jesus while mastering the needed content and developing the right competencies for your desired field of study. Our faculty cares deeply about your personal and professional growth, and our students graduate confident and career-ready, prepared to live lives of purpose. There are no tuition increases once you start, your textbook rentals are FREE, and you will find a large variety of career choices (Over 70+ Majors) to choose from.

The Grace College experience is so much more than just the training and expertise you will receive in our classrooms. As a student, you are part of an incredible community around us. For starters, we enjoy over five miles of Greenways, for walking, running or biking. The paved trails run right through our campus! Directly next to campus is over 9.5 miles of single-track wooded trails for trail running and mountain biking. Just down the hill sits the Village at Winona, complete with restaurants, shops, and studios, (and don’t forget coffee shops!) all situated right on Winona Lake.

All of this is extra on top of our beautiful campus and the many great experiences offered there.

Momentum Exhibitors

CE National Ministries
For more information about CE National and more ministries, visit

Operation Barnabas

Operation Barnabas is a 3 week traveling ministry-training experience for high school students. Participants tour as part of a team of students and adult leaders, having the opportunity to be equipped in their faith, evangelism, and various ministry skills through equipping and a “hands-on” training approach.

Urban Hope

Urban Hope is a ministry of CE National in the Kensington community of north Philadelphia.  Their mission is to reach the urban family through children and youth and to train believers in cross-cultural ministry.

The National Institute

The National institute is a hands-on training program for those who desire to impact students. Offered jointly by CE National and Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, the National Institute prepares students to minister to youth in a local church, para-church, or camp setting.

Studies in Urban Ministries

Grace College and CE National are partnering together to present a nine-month intercultural field experience internship, based in Urban Philadelphia. Real world, every day ministry becomes a student’s classroom as they journey amidst various cities throughout the northeast region throughout the program.