Kristy Kear, Administrative Leader

HOMETOWN & HOME CHURCH: Akron, OH, Grace Church of Greater Akron

FAMILY: My parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews attend and serve at Grace with me. (not married, no kids)

CURRENT JOB: Director of Children’s ministry at Grace Church Bath Campus

WHAT ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT: I’m excited about the next generation of Children’s Leaders who are passionate about kids and Jesus!


A FEW FAVORITE THINGS: I love to read and laugh and spend time with people!

Hannah Shaffer, Team Leader

HOMETOWN & HOME CHURCH: Akron, OH, Grace Church of Greater Akron

EDUCATION BACKGROUND:  An undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education/Intervention Specialty from the University of Akron as well as a graduate degree from Lancaster Bible College in Formational Family and Children’s Ministry.

CURRENT JOB: I currently work as the Children’s Ministry Manager at Grace Church.

A FEW FAVORITE THINGS: My favorite things include working with kids, owning lots of animals, being outdoors, and traveling. I’m currently reading “Winning the War in Your Mind” by Craig Groeschel, which I highly recommend.

FAMILY: Two amazing parents (Lynn & Larry), an older brother (Nate), 2 younger sisters (Lydia & Abby), and a brother-in-law (Wes).

Josiah Shank, Support Leader

HOMETOWN & HOME CHURCH: Elkhart, IN, Grace Community Church in Goshen.

FAMILY: Josiah claims his parents, Benjamin and Anita Shank, are the coolest people he knows and two of the ministry leaders that he respects most. He has 3 younger brothers, one of which will be on Travel Teams this summer on the Pacific Team.

TRAVEL TEAM EXPERIENCE: Josiah went on Travel Teams as a student in 2017, and it was one of the defining factors that led him to pursue ministry as a career. He also had the opportunity to help lead a travel team last year and it was the highlight of his summer.

HOBBIES & FAVORITE THINGS:  His hobbies include an obsession with volleyball, watching and critiquing a variety of movies and shows, and collecting things. His favorite place to be is in the heart of the city. He likes to debate, usually about theology, and occasionally will find him experimenting with assorted colors of acrylic paint in his hair.