Bible Study or Fun

May 26, 2020, 4:15 PM EST

Both Bible study and fun are obviously important when it comes to youth ministry, but what’s a youth leader to do when it comes time to plan your regular youth ministry event? Does balance even exist? Your students might have differing views than you or your adult volunteers. Maybe you even have a group where some of your students want to go deeper in biblical truth while others just want to hang out and have fun! We’ll discuss ways to walk this fine line with veteran youth pastors and newcomers alike.


Making the MOST of Your Time

May 29, 2020, 2:00 PM EST

You just had weeks of quarantine and now summer is here. You’re tired of watching videos and feeling the fall out from having TOO much free time on your hands. How can you make the most of your time in a God honoring way? Does the Bible address playing too many video games or staying up too late? Where’s the line between being productive, healthy and/or lazy?

Eric Miller, director of ministry programs for CE National will talk with youth pastors Fletcher Abbot, Tony Villafane , and Ben Long.



Self Care
(Youth Leader Lab)

Eric Miller, CE National’s director of ministry operations and Scott Feather, pastor of Gateway Church in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, talk on how to care for yourself while you care for others in ministry. They’ll discuss spiritual disciplines, guarding your heart from temptation, feeding yourself spiritually, secondary trauma, and balancing ministry and family with other priorities.

Temptation in the Midst of Isolation

Is it possible to avoid temptations when you’re stuck at home and bored? When you’re away from your community sins can grow or come to the surface like dabbling in pornography, masturbation, sexting, gluttony, apathy, gossip and more. Come find help from Pastors David Nicodemus and Mark Artrip in acknowledging these weaknesses and learn ways to overcome especially when you’re quarantined!

David Nicodemus serves as Youth Pastor at Grace Polaris Church in Worthington, OH and Mark Artrip is the founding Pastor of Movement Church in Hilliard, OH.

Caring for Your High School Seniors
(Youth Leaders  Lab)

Steve Anderson & Mathew McCabe will talk about the best way to come alongside our high school seniors who are “losing everything” right now. What do you say to them when they are struggling? What actually encourages them and more than that motivates them to a living hope and to live on mission for the Lord?

Steve and Mathew have a podcast ( which is promoted through They are walking students through this season with truth, grace and excellence.

Student Ministry:
A New Normal?
(Youth Leader Lab)

Join our panel of experienced youth leaders as they discuss how youth ministry will change once groups begin meeting again. Our panel will discuss experiences they’ve had as well as ideas to help us all move forward under “the new normal”.

Panelist: Cody Ray, Todd Shoemaker, Carly Nicodemus, Angie Dallavalle, Tyler Kramer, and Eric Miller

How to Share the Gospel

How do you share the Gospel with friends especially when we’re practicing social distancing? How do you share the hope that you have in Jesus in authentic and genuine ways?

Greg Stier is the founder and president of Dare to Share which mobilizes teenagers to reach their world for Christ. Find out more at

Parenting Your Seniors

During this Digital Lab, Pastor Keith Minier will talk about how parents can help their teens pursue the Lord in the midst of our current culture. This lab will challenge and encourage parents who have seniors at home who are feeling like they’ve faced a lot of disappointment. Keith will also help parents of students who are struggling with great loss, anxiety, or even showing signs of depression.

How Students are Facing Worry and Anxiety: A Student Panel

For many students, Coronavirus has made difficulties that students already have worse. Sheltering in place has brought isolation and the potential for increased worry, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. We’ve gathered together a group of students to talk about how they’re dealing with the pressures they’re facing now and anticipate dealing with in the future.

Panelist: Logan Tredway, Sarah Neu, Joana Foster, Elli Rauch, and Nick Borgiel

How COVID 19 Impacts Generation Alpha

After Gen Z comes Generation Alpha. Born in 2010, most of Gen Alpha will remember the pandemic. Social distancing, face masks, and sheltering in place will have an effect on their development. In just a few short years, these kids will begin entering your student ministry.

Mel Walker, president of Vision For Youth, Inc. and youth pastor at Wyoming Valley Church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, will talk about how Covid-19 is impacting Gen Alpha and how you can be better prepared to meet them at the door of your youth room.

A Biblical Look at Racial Tension and Injustice

With the latest shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, we’re yet again reminded that racism still exists in our world and we, as believers, have an opportunity to fight against that … but how?

Join us as Eric Miller talks with Dayne and Ana Carraway about how they feel racism in our culture today, what the church is doing well, and how it can improve.

Avoid the Silos

May 22, 2020, 11:00 AM EST

Tyler Kramer, pastor of student ministries, Jeremy Bury, executive pastor, and Rich Hancock, life groups pastor, all from Marysville (Ohio) Grace, will talk about how to work together as a team, staff, and ways to avoid sliding into a singular focused ministry within the church.