Self Care

Eric Miller, CE National’s director of ministry operations and Scott Feather, pastor of Gateway Church in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, talk on how to care for yourself while you care for others in ministry. They’ll discuss spiritual disciplines, guarding your heart from temptation, feeding yourself spiritually, secondary trauma, and balancing ministry and family with other priorities.

Temptation in the Midst of Isolation

Is it possible to avoid temptations when you’re stuck at home and bored? When you’re away from your community sins can grow or come to the surface like dabbling in pornography, masturbation, sexting, gluttony, apathy, gossip and more. Come find help from Pastors David Nicodemus and Mark Artrip in acknowledging these weaknesses and learn ways to overcome especially when you’re quarantined!

David Nicodemus serves as Youth Pastor at Grace Polaris Church in Worthington, OH and Mark Artrip is the founding Pastor of Movement Church in Hilliard, OH.

Caring for Your High School Seniors

Steve Anderson & Mathew McCabe will talk about the best way to come alongside our high school seniors who are “losing everything” right now. What do you say to them when they are struggling? What actually encourages them and more than that motivates them to a living hope and to live on mission for the Lord?

Steve and Mathew have a podcast ( which is promoted through They are walking students through this season with truth, grace and excellence.

Student Ministry:
A New Normal?

Join our panel of experienced youth leaders as they discuss how youth ministry will change once groups begin meeting again. Our panel will discuss experiences they’ve had as well as ideas to help us all move forward under “the new normal”.

Panelist: Cody Ray, Todd Shoemaker, Carly Nicodemus, Angie Dallavalle, Tyler Kramer, and Eric Miller

How to Share the Gospel

How do you share the Gospel with friends especially when we’re practicing social distancing? How do you share the hope that you have in Jesus in authentic and genuine ways?

Greg Stier is the founder and president of Dare to Share which mobilizes teenagers to reach their world for Christ. Find out more at

Parenting Your Seniors

During this Digital Lab, Pastor Keith Minier will talk about how parents can help their teens pursue the Lord in the midst of our current culture. This lab will challenge and encourage parents who have seniors at home who are feeling like they’ve faced a lot of disappointment. Keith will also help parents of students who are struggling with great loss, anxiety, or even showing signs of depression.

How Students are Facing Worry and Anxiety: A Student Panel

For many students, Coronavirus has made difficulties that students already have worse. Sheltering in place has brought isolation and the potential for increased worry, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. We’ve gathered together a group of students to talk about how they’re dealing with the pressures they’re facing now and anticipate dealing with in the future.

Panelist: Logan Tredway, Sarah Neu, Joana Foster, Elli Rauch, and Nick Borgiel

How COVID 19 Impacts Generation Alpha

After Gen Z comes Generation Alpha. Born in 2010, most of Gen Alpha will remember the pandemic. Social distancing, face masks, and sheltering in place will have an effect on their development. In just a few short years, these kids will begin entering your student ministry.

Mel Walker, president of Vision For Youth, Inc. and youth pastor at Wyoming Valley Church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, will talk about how Covid-19 is impacting Gen Alpha and how you can be better prepared to meet them at the door of your youth room.

A Biblical Look at Racial Tension and Injustice

With the latest shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, we’re yet again reminded that racism still exists in our world and we, as believers, have an opportunity to fight against that … but how?

Join us as Eric Miller talks with Dayne and Ana Carraway about how they feel racism in our culture today, what the church is doing well, and how it can improve.

Avoid the Silos

Tyler Kramer, pastor of student ministries, Jeremy Bury, executive pastor, and Rich Hancock, life groups pastor, all from Marysville (Ohio) Grace, will talk about how to work together as a team, staff, and ways to avoid sliding into a singular focused ministry within the church.

Greater Importance – Students, Student Leaders, Volunteers or Parents?

Any youth pastor or leader who’s served for more than a couple weeks knows the tension of this ministry focus! Where do you invest your time, energy and resources?

Eric Miller, director of ministry programs for CE National will talk with youth pastors Fletcher Abbott, Tony Villafane , and Ben Long.

Bible Study or Fun

Both Bible study and fun are obviously important when it comes to youth ministry, but what’s a youth leader to do when it comes time to plan your regular youth ministry event? Does balance even exist? Your students might have differing views than you or your adult volunteers. Maybe you even have a group where some of your students want to go deeper in biblical truth while others just want to hang out and have fun! We’ll discuss ways to walk this fine line with veteran youth pastors and newcomers alike.


Racial Injustice with Dr. Charles Ware

Dr. Ware serves as Executive Director of Grace Relations and Special Assistant to the President at the College of Biblical Studies. He has served as President and President Emeritus of Crossroads Bible College until 2019. Dr. Ware is Founder and has served as Senior Pastor of Crossroads Bible Church, Indianapolis. He serves as a consultant on racial reconciliation and leadership.


How to Help Your Students Make the Most of Their Time

Your students just had weeks of quarantine and now summer is here. They might be tired of watching videos and feeling the fall out from having TOO much free time on their hands. How can you help them make the most of their time in a God honoring way? Does the Bible address playing too many video games or staying up too late? Where’s the line between being productive, healthy and/or lazy?

How Can We Help Students Find Their Identity?

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, talks with Tim and Janine Lansing and Andrea Farren. Tim Lansing is the Director of Urban Hope Los Angeles and with his wife, Janine, leads the youth group at Norwalk Grace Brethren Church in Norwalk California. Andrea Farren leads the youth at Legacy Church in Kendallville, IN

Starting a Student Leadership Team

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, will talk with Angie Dallavalle, middle school director and Fletcher Abbott, high school director, both of Grace Community Church in Frederick Maryland.

How to Engage Parents in Your Student Ministry

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, will talk with Brad Deetscreek, student ministries pastor at Grace Church, Bath Campus, Akron, Ohio.

A Guide to Dating: Helping Your Students

Join us as we discuss with Mark & Kristen Artrip the world of dating in our culture today. We’ll discuss how to help your students with healthy boundaries in dating, biblical principles, and even offer some ideas for what to be aware of when it comes to dating. There will be time at the end for questions.

Mark is lead pastor of Movement Church in Hillard, Ohio.

Balancing Ministry and Family

Working in ministry is a unique and calling. Often it doesn’t include a 9:00-5:00 schedule that leaves plenty of time for hobbies and family. How do you balance a ministry schedule with being a spouse and parent? Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, will talk with Andrew and Ashton Wood about how their family works full time in ministry and balances home life. Andrew is a campus pastor with Renew Church in Mississauga, Ontario.

How Do You Engage Video Gamers In Your Student Ministry?

Video games are a wonderful part of living in the modern era. You probably have students in your ministry who embrace this part of our culture and are avid gamers. But you’re not. So how can you cross the divide and engage your student gamers?

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, will talk with Nick Deck, student ministries pastor at Winona Lake (Indiana) Grace Brethren Church.


When Worst Case Scenarios Hit

Join Eric Miller as he talks with Vinnie Fisher and Esther Pacheco about mandatory reporting, trauma, and crisis.

Esther Pacheco is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist. She has been working with kids in Delaware, Ohio in private practice for the last 10 years. She has a passion to to help kids and families figure out life together.

Vinnie Fisher has built many businesses and has had the privilege to grow 4 of them to 8 figures.  Today Vinnie is the CEO and co-founder of Fully Accountable which opened in early 2015. Fully Accountable recently made the INC. 5000 list in 2019 ranking 2626 with 148% growth!  As a successful CEO Vinnie has developed a talent for building and growing world class teams.

Challenges and Joys of Being a Pastor’s Wife

Bethany Miller, Megan Johnson, and Carly Nicodemus talk about the joys and challenges of serving alongside their husbands in ministry.

How To Help Your Students Overcome Doubt

“Deconstructing my faith” is a phrase that has been in the news recently as several celebrities have talked about their journey away from God. These stories usually start with unresolved doubt.

Your Sport Your Ministry

Extracurricular activities are huge in a student’s life. Friendships are forged during the many hours of practice these activities require. How can you help your students see these friendships as an opportunity to share Jesus and encourage fellow Christians in their faith?

Prepare Your Students to Find a Church When They Leave Home

There are many adjustments to make when a student moves from living at home to living on their own. Finding and getting involved in a good church home can make these adjustments easier. But how do you encourage your students to look for a church plus how do they find one that will teach them solid, Christian doctrine?

Eric Miller talks with Zac Hess about how to help your students find a good church when they leave home.

Ministry in a Small Church

Ministry in a small church can be frustrating and discouraging. You might even see churches down the road that are growing, but, for some reason, your church isn’t. Join us July 28 at 12 pm (ET) as Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, talks with Tim Sprankle and Shawn Kidder, two pastors who are seeing God do big things in their small churches.


Helping Without Hurting

Often we see people in need. We’ll drive by the homeless person on the street and wonder what we could do. Should we give them money, a gift card, or buy them lunch? We’ll clean out a closet and feel good about dropping old clothes off at Goodwill, but does that really help?


Everyone Needs a Coach

How many coaches does the average NFL team have? The answer is 23! Why is that? Certainly professional football players know how to play the game. The answer is that everyone needs a coach for them to excel. Every pastor also needs a coach to be as effective as possible.

Pastors work hard, but don’t always get the results they want to see. Having a ministry coach can greatly help.

Respectable Sins

It seems we’ve created a sliding scale where gossip, jealousy, and selfishness comfortably exist within the church. How can we confront the sins we like to tolerate and how can we encourage our students to do the same?
Eric Miller talks with Dr. Tiberius Rata, associate dean of the School of Ministry Studies and professor of Old Testament Studies at Grace College and Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana, about how we can help our students confront the sins we like to tolerate. Tiberius has been a regular breakout session speaker at Momentum Youth Conference on this topic.

The Joy Filled Soul
Everywhere we go, we hear “choose joy”. But it’s not that simple. The truth is joy is not a choice; it’s a result of our choices. Our everyday choices will either fill our cups with joy or cause our joy to disappear. What are you filled with? Stress, unforgiveness, comparison, anxiety, discontentment, gratitude, kindness, peace, joy? The book The Joy Filled Soul invites you on a journey to discover the things causing our joy to leak and take action to mend our cups so we can have the fullness of joy that Jesus promises.

Balancing Ministry & Family

Being in full-time ministry is not a 9-5 kind of job. It can be taxing on your family and even tough on your marriage.

Eric Miller talks with Sean and Melissa Spoelstra about how they navigate and live in the cross section of ministry and family life. The couple will shed some light on what health and balance might look like in that.

Singleness and Ministry

Join Eric and Bethany Miller and Eric and Vanessa Smith as they talk about singleness and dating in ministry.

Why Does God Allow Evil?

With so much difficulty and heartache in the world, it’s easy to wonder where God is. If He truly is God, then why does he allow such evil to exist?

Join Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, as he talks with Jeff Bogue, president of CE National, as they discuss why God allows evil.

Meet Women of Grace

Being in full-time ministry is not a 9-5 kind of job. It can be taxing on your family and even tough on your marriage.

Eric Miller talks with Sean and Melissa Spoelstra about how they navigate and live in the cross section of ministry and family life. The couple will shed some light on what health and balance might look like in that.

Dealing with Abuse in Ministry

The trauma of abuse, in any form, can be devastating for victims, both when it occurs and well into the future due to the emotional scars that remain. However, there is hope in Christ for all people, including those who have suffered the trauma of abuse. Bethany Miller talks with Caryn Amandola. Caryn is a pastor’s wife, an intern counselor at Redeemer Counseling Services in New York City, and a leader of Mending the Soul, which provides biblically-rooted and psychologically-proven abuse curriculum.


How to Set Missional Goals in a Ministry Context

Setting goals can sound like something only people in business need to do. But pastors and church leaders can benefit from knowing how to set ministry goals and reach them in a God-honoring way. Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, talks with Ed Short, pastor and CE National church consultant, about how to set missional goals in a ministry context.


Home School in 2020

If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed with suddenly homeschooling your kids during COVID-19, there’s hope! Three homeschooling parents: Natalie Kohler, Heather Gross, and Joanna Zuck will give you encouragement, resources, and help equip you during this Digital Lab.


How to Impact Your Community

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, talks with Andy Michael and Tim Lansing, directors of Urban Hope Training Centers. This Digital Lab will equip you to assess the needs of your community, put a plan together that would leverage the strengths of your church to meet those needs, and to share the gospel.


The Pastor and Youth Pastor Relationship

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, will talk with Tim Boal and Steve Martinez, the lead pastor and director of students ministries respectively at Grace Church in Lititz, Pennsylvania about the dynamics of a pastor and youth pastor working relationship.


Evangelism in Your Church Context

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, talks with Ed Short, pastor and CE National church consultant, about how to create and incorporate an outreach culture within your ministry.


The Relationship Between Senior Pastor and Youth Pastor

This discussion aims to help pastors and youth pastors develop healthy, working relationships. Statistics show that the average tenure of a youth pastor is anywhere between 18 months and 3 years. That means that most students will have more than one youth pastor during their time within their church’s student ministry. Several recent studies have shown that an unhealthy relationship between the youth pastor and the senior pastor is one of the top reasons for a youth pastors early departure.  

The Intersection of Ministry and Mental Health

Bethany Miller talks with mother-daughter team, Margie Brubaker and Charlanne Wolff. Both Margie and Charlanne are professional Christian counselors who bring a unique perspective as a pastor’s wife and daughter. In this conversation, they discuss depression and anxiety and how that can affect ministry.parture.

Connecting Your Children and Youth Ministries

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, will talk with Erin O’Hara, Angie Dallavalle, and Fletcher Abbott about how to connect your children’s ministry with your youth ministry.

Erin, Angie, and Fletcher are on staff at Grace Community Church in Frederick, Maryland. Erin is children’s director, Angie is middle school director, and Fletcher is high school director for the church.



Making the Most Out of Your Time on Operation Barnabas

Operation Barnabas is CE National’s three week high school summer ministry training program equipping students to live ON MISSION through evangelism training, character development, and servant-leadership.

Discuss the benefits of going on Operation Barnabas as a student and Pastor Todd as he helps youth pastors know how to encourage and support those students before and after their OB experience.