High school years are transformative. They are the formative years that set the trajectory for a student’s future. Daily activities, ranging from attending classes and hanging out with friends, to binge-watching TikTok and YouTube videos, profoundly influence a young person’s mindset. With such a myriad of influences at their fingertips, it’s crucial for our youth to be exposed to experiences that instill a positive and purposeful outlook.

This is where Momentum Ministry Partners steps in with a vision. A vision where the rising generation is not just another set of passive digital consumers but active contributors with a ministry mindset. We recognize the importance of molding our youth to become world changers, right within their communities.

But, how can we achieve this? The answer lies in the Travel Teams initiative.

What is Travel Teams?

Travel Teams is more than just a summer trip. It’s a three-week journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and leadership development for high school students. The program focuses on equipping students with ministry skills and fostering strong team relationships. Over the course of three weeks, students are immersed in hands-on ministry experiences, empowering them to share their faith and cultivate their leadership potential.

Upon their return, these students don’t just assimilate back into their daily routines. Their experience on a Travel Team sets them on a path to serve God and their community, driven by their newly acquired spiritual disciplines and foundational character qualities.

It’s like a youth pastor aptly mentioned, “When students return from Travel Teams, they are equipped to be contributors in the church, rather than just consumers.”

The Importance of a Ministry Mindset

Our world has shrunk, courtesy of technology. While this connectedness offers an abundance of opportunities, it’s essential that students harness them with the right mindset. Momentum Ministry Partners is committed to ensuring that our youth are equipped, not just with knowledge but with a ministry mindset.

This mindset focuses on loving God and showcasing that love to others. It’s about understanding the vast potential lying dormant within and then channeling that energy to make a tangible, eternal difference in the world around them.

Specialty Travel Teams: Delving Deeper into Ministry Realms

Momentum recognizes that every student has a unique calling. Hence, the introduction of Specialty Travel Teams – dedicated programs for those wishing to gain in-depth training in specific ministry areas. Over the years, the program has expanded, now catering to interests ranging from Worship and Children’s Ministry to the technological nuances of worship with the Worship Ministry & Tech Travel Team.

Each specialty team promises both personal spiritual evolution and hands-on ministry experience. For instance, the Worship Travel Team has showcased its prowess by leading worship sessions at major conferences, while the Children’s Travel Team has planned, organized and supervised children’s ministry programming. Such experiences not only enrich students’ lives but also offer clarity on their divine gifts and potential future roles.

Summer 2024: Unlock Your Potential with Travel Teams

If this resonates with you or your child, here’s the golden ticket. The summer of 2024 offers three enriching opportunities:

  1. Ministry Experience Travel Team [West Coast] – June 10 – July 3, 2024
  2. Ministry Experience Travel Team [East Coast] – June 10 – July 3, 2024
  3. Worship Ministry & Tech Travel Team [Midwest] – June 27 – July 21, 2024

These programs have been curated to offer a balanced mix of training and actual ministry experience. Students will not just learn; they will put their learnings into action, developing leadership skills and a strong ministry mindset.

The year 2024 is set to unveil two transformative travel teams – the East Coast and West Coast Ministry Experience Teams. These promise students exposure to exemplary ministry models across diverse settings. From urban settings to coastal endeavors, participants will witness and partake in the vast tapestry of ministry activities.

For those musically inclined or technologically curious, the Worship Ministry & Tech Travel Team offers an immersive journey. As they traverse Ohio and Indiana, students will be mentored by eminent figures in worship and creative arts, culminating their experience at the Momentum Youth Conference.

Join the Journey

Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Applications for the summer of 2024 are open. Dive deep into the transformative world of Travel Teams by visiting our website. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to reach out at travelteams@buildmomentum.org.

High school students have a world of potential. With the right experiences, they can become the torchbearers of change, and Momentum’s Travel Teams is the bridge to that future.