Momentum Ministry Partner’s Urban Center in Philadelphia sits in the center of the Kensington neighborhood, an area that has struggled against the challenges of urban poverty for generations. Then COVID, and the economic impacts of the shutdowns, hit this already impoverished neighborhood with devastating effects. In 2020, when the pandemic broke, our Urban Center was forced to shut down all services to the wonderful people in the community. Other local centers were forced to do the same, and many remain closed to this day. Meanwhile, residents experienced illness. Poverty rates climbed dramatically. Drug use reached an all time high aided by the United State’s biggest open drug market just a few miles away. Children wander the neighborhood unsupervised. Violence is not uncommon. Kensington and its surrounding area are now experiencing the highest food insecurity in all of Philadelphia. The situation feels bleak. However, with the hope of Christ, we reopened our Urban Center in February 2021 and we are committed to continuing to serve this community with your support.

Hear from President, Jeff Bogue about our dreams to make our Urban Center an oasis of hope to the wonderful people of the Kensington neighborhood, and how you can be part of God’s work in Kensington.

Thank you in advance for making a personally significant gift, because when you do, you are part of God’s work. Make your gift to Momentum Ministry Partner’s Urban Center Philadelphia before the year ends so that 2022 can be a year of hope in the Kensington neighborhood.