Momentum Ministry Partners is excited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Travel Teams program. In this life-changing ministry experience, high school students will spend two-to-three weeks learning and practicing servant-leadership. The students focus on character development, scripture memory, prayer life, how to make Jesus known to others, and more. Our Travel Teams offer intensive ministry training that will allow high school students to walk away with extensive experience and resources. They’ll also leave with a newfound passion for spreading the good news of Jesus and implementing what they’ve learned at their local churches.

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at our different Travel Team programs. Offering high school students a unique, weeks-long ministry opportunity, they’ll gain extensive ministry experience and form lifelong friendships with peers who share similar passions and goals. And with our Faithfulness Program, the journey doesn’t end there. We follow up with our students after their Travel Team experience to continue to support them so that they can incorporate these values and lessons into their local churches and their lives.

At Momentum Ministry Partners, it’s our goal to equip the next generation of young church leaders with the education, resources, and above all else, the passion and experience they’ll need to succeed in sharing the gospel with others.

We partner with local churches to provide unique ministry experiences, including our renowned national youth conference, Urban Centers, and Momentum EDU program, and of course, our Travel Teams. Momentum Ministry Partners provides participants with the leadership and guidance to pursue a personal relationship with God so that they can truly unlock their full potential.

If you’re looking for engaging ministry experiences or a life-changing church conference in 2023 for your young church members, Momentum Ministry Partners is here to help.

What Are The Different Types of Travel Teams?

We understand that God has gifted each Christ-follower with specific gifts and passions to be utilized for His glory and the benefit of the church. In fact, we view this as one of our strengths as we recognize and support each individual’s passion toward strengthening their faith and finding ways to serve the local church by using their God-given gifts. That’s why we offer several different types of Travel Teams to encourage high school students to discover those giftings and passions.

Currently, Momentum Ministry Partners offers four unique Travel Team experiences:

  1. Ministry Experience Team: our foundational Travel Team, this is our “broad strokes” approach to the ministry experience. We recommend this Travel Team for those who want to explore a wide range of different ministry opportunities. This program introduces students to 10 different areas of ministry. Many students will begin with this foundational ministry experience, and then the next year, continue to grow by selecting for a more focused Travel Team.
  2. Sports Ministry Team: for those who love athletics, our Sports Ministry team could be perfect for you. In this program, students will team up with ministry professionals who have a background in organizing and operating sports camps and leagues. With Sports Ministry, Students will learn how to successfully run one of these camps and how to integrate ministry teachings within the activities. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, or volleyball, this is also a great opportunity to engage in children’s ministry.
  3. Worship Ministry Team: for the musically inclined, our Worship Ministry opportunity introduces students to designing and implementing a successful worship program. From the vocals to the instruments, the Worship Ministry allows students to tap into their creative side while learning about the inner workings of a worship program and how music can play such a powerful role in spreading the good news of Jesus.
  4. Worship Tech Team: for those interested in the “behind the scenes” aspect of a worship program, we also offer a Travel Team focused on the technology behind a successful worship group. In this Travel Team, students will learn about the audio and video elements, lighting, and editing and recording so that you can take advantage of technology to reach even more individuals with the good news of Jesus. If you’re tech-savvy, this could be the opportunity for you.

Who Leads the Travel Teams?

Leadership is everything for our Travel Team experiences. We handpick each Travel Team leader and put them through an application process similar to that of the students enrolling. All of our Travel Team leaders are ministry professionals in their fields or actively involved in ministry in their own churches. We partner with youth pastors and worship leaders to teach, inspire, and guide each student who takes part in our Travel Teams.

How Do Travel Teams Fit in With Other Momentum Ministry Programs?

At Momentum, we’ve designed our range of ministry programs to work in tandem with one another. Ideally, middle school & high school students will be able to take part in multiple ministry opportunities as they continue to grow and develop their personal relationship with God. A common trajectory begins with students taking part in our national youth conference.

Here, students from 6th to 12th grade get the opportunity to take part in an atmosphere that is conducive for learning, listening, serving, and following Jesus Christ. Students will meet peers from other schools and churches and strengthen their relationship with God while having a lot of fun with our range of youth conference activities.

From there, we suggest transitioning to our Urban Centers experience. Here, participants will spend time at one of our Urban Center locations (Philadelphia or Los Angeles) to engage in hands-on ministry experiences. Yet culminating from all these experiences, the next step is then our summer Travel Teams. Taking place over a longer period of time than our Urban Centers, our Travel Teams offer intensive ministry training and experience to support high school students as they become leaders in their own churches. Many students will even return for multiple summers to further the breadth of their ministry knowledge.

What Happens After the Travel Teams End?

Our support and guidance doesn’t end on the last day of your Travel Team experience. In fact, one thing that sets Momentum Ministry Partners apart from other ministry programs is that we work hard to follow up with our students to ensure they have the support they need. With our Faithfulness Program, we continue to work with students months after their Travel Team experience has concluded. We check in with them, answer any questions, offer guidance and support, and challenge them to stay active with their personal goals and ministry goals.

Additionally, by partnering with Grace College and Lancaster Bible College, a $1,000 renewable college scholarship is offered from these colleges if they successfully complete the Faithfulness Program. We believe in rewarding hard work and dedication. With the support of these two amazing schools, we’re able to help high school students build toward a brighter future so that they can truly “build momentum” in their lives.

Conclusion – Travel Teams with Momentum Ministry Partners

At Momentum Ministry Partners, we’re proud to offer a range of unique and life-changing ministry opportunities. For decades, one of our most popular programs has been our Travel Teams. For a few weeks, high school students are given the opportunity to engage in unique ministry experiences fully.

A fully immersive experience, students walk away with a wide range of ministry experiences for such a short amount of time. Students can choose tailored travel teams, such as our Sports Ministry or Worship Ministry, to find a program that aligns with their interests and goals. And on top of all that, they’ll walk away with lifelong friendships with others who share those goals and passions.

Contact us today to learn more about our full program of unique ministry opportunities, including our Travel Teams, national youth conference, Urban Centers Mission Trips, Momentum EDU, and more. Together, we know that we can successfully work to spread the gospel, touch more lives with these words, and prepare the church for a brighter future.