Urban Center Philadelphia welcomed two groups to serve alongside us in March.  After a disappointing year with cancellations due to COVID, it was a welcomed sight to see groups back in the neighborhood.  Grace Polaris Church, under the leadership of Dave Nicodemus, brought a student work team.  They were able to provide assistance on several renovation projects happening at the Urban Center facilities.  Dave’s past experiences in the Kensington neighborhood allowed him to share his knowledge of the history of the ministry within and around Philadelphia, along with his favorite cheesesteaks.  The student work team enjoyed their week of hard work, intentional time with God, and a call to reach others back home. 

The second team we welcomed was from Lititz Christian School under the leadership of Erin Chaboya.  Erin brought a team of 10 high school students for a day trip.  They were able to serve in the area of our homeless ministry, distributing water and food at McPhearson Square.  The team had a mix of new and experienced Urban Center students, but all seemed impacted by the need for hope in a desperate and different environment.  They participated in training sessions that allowed them to be encouraged to rethink what ministry truly is and what it looks like to take it back home and put it into practice with the people they encounter on a daily basis.  Each student was being “sent out” not sent back home to answer the call every Christian has, to reach others for Christ wherever they are planted.   

Please pray with us for:  

  • Our facilities continue to get the renovations they need 
  •  Philadelphia’s restrictions would continue to be lifted allowing easier team activities and ministry 
  • Our teams would have a lasting impact to reach others for Jesus 

Urban Center LA was excited to welcome a small group from Ripon Grace Church in Northern California onto our campus for a one-day ministry opportunity back in February.  Pastor Rex brought a team to experience what Urban Hope is all about.  They met with Tim Lansing, the LA Director, who gave them a brief overview of the ministry training that is done in our training center room and then they put together homeless bags with blankets, toiletries, snacks and water and spent time in some of the local homeless encampments around the city. They worked on sharing the love of Jesus by caring on the folks; offering them blankets and food and had opportunities to share and pray with many of them.  One of the questions that was asked by a team member of a homeless guy, named JR was, “Is there anything else you need that we can help you with?” and JR responded, “Your fellowship … Just keep coming back and spending time with us!”  What an incredible open-door invitation to keep coming back and sharing God’s Truth with them.  

Continue praying that God will bring more teams our way this summer, that the teams will catch a heart for the unchurched in their communities and that God would be glorified through the service of His people as we continue to invite others to take that next step towards Jesus!