Launched in Philadelphia in 1998, Momentum Ministry Partner’s Urban Centers have worked to touch countless lives and communities. And ever since we launched our Los Angeles location in 2019, our scope and potential have only grown.

Our Urban Center experiences allow people of all ages, but especially students, an opportunity to share their beliefs with underserved communities, including directly serving homeless populations. They also provide a valuable space to teach participants how to actually verbalize and effectively share the Gospel with others in a variety of settings and situations to help Jesus make sense to others. From food distribution activities to park and beach ministries and even homeless shelter donations, there’s truly no ministry experience quite like our Urban Centers.

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at our Momentum Urban Center experiences and how they can impact a participant’s life. We strive to enable followers of Jesus to share their faith with others and then bring what they’ve learned back to their own local churches and communities. We invite our participants to take that next step in following Jesus at one of our Urban Centers.

At Momentum Ministry Partners, we work hard to equip the next generation of church leaders with the passion, education, and resources they need to succeed in sharing the gospel and their own experiences. We partner with local churches to provide unique ministry experiences, including our national Youth Conference, summer Travel Teams, Urban Centers, and Momentum EDU program. Our team provides participants with the resources and guidance to pursue a personal relationship with God and unlock their full potential. This is part of our commitment as an urban ministry and ministry training center.

What are Urban Centers?

At Momentum Ministry Partners, we offer a variety of unique ministry opportunities to assist the local church. We love the local church and believe it is God’s primary tool for fulfilling the great commission and the great commandment. One ministry experience that we feel is especially vital to the local church is our Urban Center experience. Hosted in two metropolitan areas, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, our Urban Centers have been training followers of Jesus with hands-on evangelism experiences for over 20 years.

In essence, these experiences allow participants to see the urban area as a practice field and training ground as they learn to share their faith in simple, life-affirming ways. We offer participants unique training sessions on starting conversations with others, especially with others who may live radically different lives.

We help young followers of Jesus learn how to tell their stories and provide practical and simple evangelism tools to empower them and provide confidence. These unique field experiences make these brief windows of time both practical and useful by immediately putting ministry lessons into practice in underserved communities, while also giving them the confidence and training needed to do the same work when they return home.

Why Did We Create Our Urban Centers?

We’ve found that many people are eager and excited to share the Gospel. However, many of them may not feel they have the experience, resources, or confidence to share the Gospel with others effectively. How does one articulate the Gospel in a way that can truly impact those around them?

In an attempt to answer these questions, we want to lead teams into underserved communities to show how they can make an impact on the ground level. Learning about ministry in classes and through texts is an important first step, but what happens next? We want participants to take what they’ve learned and share these vital lessons with those in their own communities. These hands-on ministry experiences empower participants to actually see their faith in practice and develop effective evangelism skills that they can implement in their relationships back home.

What Do Participants Learn at Our Urban Centers?

Our Urban Centers offer participants a ministry experience unlike any other. Whether spending their time in Philadelphia or Los Angeles, our participants engage in a wide variety of “in-the-field” ministry experiences.

With Momentum Ministry Partners’ Urban Centers, teams will:

  • Participate in park and beach ministries.
  • Engage in food distribution for families in need.
  • Learn about children’s ministries.
  • Minister to the homeless and the unchurched.
  • Engage in a variety of peer-to-peer ministry opportunities.

What are the Benefits of Our Urban Centers Experience?

With such a unique ministry opportunity, participants have much to gain from experiencing a mission trip at one of our Urban Centers. Many of the top benefits include:

  • Real training: we provide practical, hands-on training sessions that are geared towards making your team more effective in understanding evangelism as a process.
  • Real experiences: daily evangelism experiences will impassion and inspire followers of Jesus and allow them to see the impact they’re making in real-time. Empower them to live and value the unchurched as they forge real relationships.
  • Real impacts: following their Urban Center experience, your team of students and adults will return home with a passion sparkedencouraging them to reach out and plan ways to impact their own communities and circles of influence.
  • Real partnerships: make valuable connections with our entire team to help support you as a ministry leader. We offer ongoing encouragement, assistance, and hands-on training so that you can continue to develop a positive culture for all of your church members.

What Makes Momentum Ministry Partners Unique?

We believe that our diverse array of ministry opportunities makes Momentum Ministry Partners truly exceptional. But when you look at what makes us stand out from other ministry experiences, we believe our Urban Centers are just the tip of the iceberg. At Momentum, our dedication and passion enable us to develop a transformative experience for young church members.

Why do so many pastors and church leaders choose to partner with Momentum?

  • A commitment to a Biblical Worldview.
  • Hands-on ministry experiences.
  • Experienced and inspirational leaders.
  • A unique emphasis on connecting to local churches and church leaders.
  • Diverse training sessions and ministry opportunities.

Conclusion – Urban Centers with Momentum Ministry Partners

There are many ways to engage in ministry and share the Gospel. While each path has its distinct advantages and shortcomings, we believe we’ve created something truly unique with our Urban Centers experience. With Momentum, participants can take the Gospel to underserved communities and the unchurched, interacting and building special relationships while gaining real skills and experience in articulating the Gospel. These experiences allow students to then return to their own communities with new confidence and resources to make an impact in their local churches.

Contact us today to learn more about our full array of unique ministry opportunities, including our immersive Urban Centers, national Youth Conference, Travel Teams, Momentum EDU, and even more. Together, we can work to spread the gospel, touch even more lives, and prepare the church for a brighter future.