Evidence shows that a growing shortage of pastors is on the horizon. As more and more leaders in the church across the United States retire or leave for other opportunities, many churches are left with a serious void to address. To respond to this growing concern, Momentum Ministry Partners developed Momentum PRO.

This unique ministry program is designed to provide resources and guidance for current and new pastors alike. In this day and age as the church faces unique challenges never before seen, it will take a novel approach from everyone to ensure a brighter tomorrow. In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at our Momentum PRO program. We break down what the program offers and why we believe it is so valuable for the church’s future.

At Momentum Ministry Partners, it’s our goal to equip the next generation of church leaders with the resources, education—and above all else—the passion they’ll need to share the gospel with others. We proudly partner with leaders in local churches to provide unique ministry experiences. These include our national youth conference, Momentum EDU program, Urban Centers, and Momentum PRO. Momentum Ministry Partners provides participants with the leadership and guidance to pursue a personal relationship with God that enables them to truly unlock their full potential.

If you’re looking for engaging ministry experiences or a life-changing church conference in 2023 for your young church members, Momentum Ministry Partners can provide resources, guidance, and inspiration.

What is Momentum PRO?

Over the years, the church has faced many challenges. But in recent years, we have been confronted with a unique situation unlike any other. An unprecedented number of pastors are leaving, retiring, or choosing to retire earlier than expected. While we’ve seen this challenge approach for a number of years now, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this shift and presented additional challenges.

As a result, many churches have been forced to proceed without pastors or with pastors ill-equipped to lead their local churches. Momentum PRO seeks to remedy this situation. Momentum PRO is our collective effort to address this oncoming pastoral leadership crisis by engaging with pastors and providing them with resources and support to help them “stay in the game” and help us build a brighter future.

While still one of our newest ministry programs, Momentum PRO is off to a great start. Currently, we’re working with pastors and church leaders in over 200 churches across the country. As we build and further develop this program, we plan to work with even more local churches to provide guidance, resources, and inspiration for those working so hard to ensure the future of the church.

What Does This Ministry Program Offer?

What exactly does Momentum PRO look like in action? Momentum PRO brings together pastors and church leaders from all different backgrounds and situations to build fellowship, forge community, and to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. In this ministry program, participants meet twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall. Each meeting lasts for three days, allowing for ample time for connections to be made.

During these three days together, Momentum Ministry Partners brings in expert ministry leaders from a variety of backgrounds. These church leaders were chosen for their years of experience and their unique areas of expertise. For example, some ministry leaders may specialize in financing, team building, leading in rural areas, or expanding through multisite..

During the Momentum PRO gatherings, participants will break off into smaller cohorts. We build these cohorts around affinities that allow for us to group those together with similar backgrounds, needs, or interests. For example, we’ve developed cohorts specifically for senior pastors or for those leading in smaller churches under 250 members. By grouping pastors with similar interests, we believe that we can better serve their needs. However, we do also see strength in diversity and embracing our different paths. That’s why we also “cross-pollinate” our groups so that pastors can benefit from the viewpoints and experiences of others. This method allows us to expand on our ideas and to create unexpected connections.

At Momentum Ministry Partners, we do everything we can to make our ministry programs accessible and affordable. The Momentum PRO experience is all-inclusive. This means that you don’t have to worry about a thing following enrollment. We take care of everything, including lodging and all your meals, so you can focus on getting the most out of this experience.

Additionally, we also make our fall meetings (based in Akron, Ohio) open invitation. Potential participants can come check out the program completely risk free. With a short application process and this no-risk option, you can find out if Momentum PRO will be beneficial for yourself and your church.

Why is Momentum PRO Valuable?

We believe that Momentum PRO can serve as a valuable resource for pastors and church leaders because it is designed to respond to the challenges facing our church today. Ministry in today’s context has never been more challenging, stressful, or discouraging. We strive to work alongside pastors to bring them relevant information, support, and a wide array of resources to empower them to lead their churches and communities.

The need for relationships has never been more important in the Kingdom than now. Facing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve realized the importance of regularly connecting with each other. Momentum PRO provides a setting for real-time training and real-time solutions for the unique challenges of our day and age. We strive to foster live “masterminding” and pulling on the experiences and expertise of all our members to find the most comprehensive and effective solutions. A theme of our Momentum PRO program is focused on building long-term relationships between pastors and church leaders.

Conclusion – What is Momentum PRO?

When Jesus passed leadership of the church to Simon, he told him that “I also say to you that you are Peter and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” As the first transfer of leadership in the Christian church, this moment illuminates the importance of strong and consistent leadership and guidance. Without leadership and direction, we run the risk of failing in our mission of spreading the Gospel and changing so many lives for the better.

This is why we created Momentum PRO. This unique ministry program is designed to serve as a resource for new pastors and those under-equipped to face today’s unique challenges. Each year, participants will meet in-person and on-line to share ideas, inspiration, and develop real solutions to real problems faced by active pastors.

Contact us today to learn more about our full list of unique ministry opportunities, including our national youth conference, Travel Teams, Urban Centers, Momentum EDU, and our Momentum PRO initiative. By working together with local churches and pastors, we know that we can effectively spread the gospel, touch more lives with God’s Word, and prepare the church for a brighter future—no matter what challenges lie ahead.