The Worship Travel Team was a new venture for our student traveling teams as we offered a specialty Travel Team that would focus on equipping and hands-on experience in one particular area, while keeping much of the ministry training aspects of our traditional teams. This group of 11 students came ready to learn and it was amazing how they grew as a team and worship band over the course of two short weeks! They had a number of chances to lead worship in a wide variety of settings, as well as serve others with manual labor, and to experience how worship is not just music, but a way of life that should be a vital part of everything we do. Based on the feedback from this team’s ministry and impact, we foresee continuing to offer specialty Travel Teams as we seek to equip students to have a ministry mindset. 

“I am completely blown away by this year’s new Worship Travel Team,” says Administrative Leader Todd Shoemaker. “God sent us 11 unbelievable students from around the country who desired to be trained and equipped in ministry. These students displayed their God given talents in a humble and teachable way that allowed others to be led in Worship well! As a leader of this team and a Pastor of Student ministries I was encouraged by their hearts for the Lord and the way they led others. Each one of these students has what it takes to go back, partner with their home church and together lead others closer to Jesus. I am excited to see what God does through this team of students and through future Worship Travel Teams” 

Zoe Jamison, a Support Leader on the team adds, “It was a great privilege to lead the worship travel team this year. The way that God created this team and brought each person’s personality and strengths together to make a unified team was remarkable to see and be a part of. The students were pushed to lead in ways they had never led before, and they received instruction and feedback with humbleness and grace. God used these students to lead and serve in powerful ways through worship experiences, service projects, and community. He also moved and revealed Himself in new ways in their lives as well. It was a joy and privilege to have a front row seat to that and I can’t wait to see how God continues to use these students at their home church and in the future for His work.” 

Jonah Varian from Grace Polaris Church in Columbus, OH was scheduled to go on Travel Teams (formerly Operation Barnabas) in 2020 when COVID changed those plans. Having a strong interest and talent for music, he was excited when this new specialty team was offered. “Worship Travel Teams was everything I wanted out of OB (Operation Barnabas) and more,” says Jonah. “It gave me a chance to do something I love, while growing in relationships with friends, and with God. It was challenging, but so rewarding and so fun.” 

Jarrett Doherty from Grace Church in Powell, OH has been working on his music career for a while. While experienced in singing, writing and producing his own music, he had never used those skills in leading worship. “I walked into it feeling pretty unprepared to lead worship,” says Jarrett. “But now I feel equipped and confident in my ability to lead people to a place of worship. Learning these skills ultimately gave me a deeper understanding and more of a focused relationship with God.” 

Momentum Ministry Partners is incredibly thankful for all the flexibility and sacrifice that went into launching this Worship Specialty Team. The quality of students and leaders it attracted, was phenomenal. While only a couple weeks, the team bonded quickly and progressed immensely in their ability to lead worship music together. Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported them- this team would not have been successful without your faithful partnership.