Meet Women of Grace

Along with Momentum Ministry Partners, Women of Grace USA is a ministry affiliated with the Charis Fellowship of Churches. In this Digital Lab, Bethany Miller talks with Women of Grace’s executive director, Viki Rife, and director of girls ministry, Nicole Miller, and director of leadership development, Jennifer Avey about the resources WGUSA offers to women in ministry in the Charis …

Why Does God Allow Evil?

With so much difficulty and heartache in the world, it’s easy to wonder where God is. If He truly is God, then why does he allow such evil to exist? Join Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, as he talks with Jeff Bogue, president of CE National, as they discuss why God allows evil.

Prepare Your Students to Find a Church When They Leave Home

There are many adjustments to make when a student moves from living at home to living on their own. Finding and getting involved in a good church home can make these adjustments easier. But how do you encourage your students to look for a church plus how do they find one that will teach them solid, Christian doctrine? Eric Miller …

When Worst Case Scenarios Hit

Join Eric Miller as he talks with Vinnie Fisher and Esther Pacheco about mandatory reporting, trauma, and crisis. Esther Pacheco is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist. She has been working with kids in Delaware, Ohio in private practice for the last 10 years. She has a passion to to help kids and families figure out life together. Vinnie …

Bible Study or Fun

Both Bible study and fun are obviously important when it comes to youth ministry, but what’s a youth leader to do when it comes time to plan your regular youth ministry event? Does balance even exist? Your students might have differing views than you or your adult volunteers. Maybe you even have a group where some of your students want …

Greater Importance – Students, Student Leaders, Volunteers or Parents?

Any youth pastor or leader who’s served for more than a couple weeks knows the tension of this ministry focus! Where do you invest your time, energy and resources? Eric Miller, director of ministry programs for CE National will talk with youth pastors Fletcher Abbott, Tony Villafane , and Ben Long.

How COVID 19 Impacts Generation Alpha

After Gen Z comes Generation Alpha. Born in 2010, most of Gen Alpha will remember the pandemic. Social distancing, face masks, and sheltering in place will have an effect on their development. In just a few short years, these kids will begin entering your student ministry. Mel Walker, president of Vision For Youth, Inc. and youth pastor at Wyoming Valley …

Bible Study With a Purpose: A Digital Lab

Eric and Bethany Miller will talk with Sean & Melissa Spoelstra about having a Bible study in several different relational contexts: as pastors, ministry wives, ministry couples, and ministry families.

Making the Most of Your Operation Barnabas Experience (Video)

Operation Barnabas is CE National’s three week high school summer ministry training program equipping students to live ON MISSION through evangelism training, character development, and servant-leadership. Eric Miller, CE National’s director of ministry operations, talks with Grace Church of Akron, Pastor of Student Ministries Todd Shoemaker, and three of his former Operation Barnabas students who are all now serving within …

How to Engage Parents in Your Student Ministry: (Video)

Eric Miller, director of ministry operations for CE National, talked with Brad Deetscreek, lead pastor of family ministry at Grace Church, Bath Campus, Akron, Ohio, about how to engage with parents in your student ministry.