Five Ways to Invite Jesus into Everyday Life

“Jesus, we’re about to build a bike.” I muttered this as I opened the box to my son’s new Mantis three-wheeler. Not being the handiest of men, I thought inviting Jesus into the assembly process might forestall some frustration. An hour later, a shiny new bike stood finished in my driveway. Another job-done-well by Jesus-and-me. I...

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Simple Tips to Better Webcam and Phone Video

As social distancing spread and church buildings closed, many of us scrambled to setup video so we could still communicate with others. But now that we’ve video chatted and created videos ourselves using only our phones, you might be wondering, “How can I improve the quality of what I’m doing?” This is not meant to be the definitive...

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A Quick, Non-techie Guide to Leading Your Online Small Group

There’s no replacement for being in the same room.  The dynamics of conversation, relationship, and engagement cannot completely be duplicated online.  But there are ways to make the online small group successful, providing the connections we all need while we look forward to being in the same room again. [gravityform id="3"...

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3 Keys To Leading In Crisis

By Timothy D. Sprankle Crisis may come at any hour. It does not wait until we’re armed and equipped, locked and loaded, dressed and ready for the day. Like a thief, crisis may come when we are settled down, tucked in, and checked out for the night. In a moment, you’ll be awake, and perhaps, afraid. However, if you are a well-prepared,...

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Focusing on Neighbors Not Numbers

By Timothy D. Sprankle I never look forward to my drive into Chicago. Once I cross the Illinois State Line and merge onto I-94, traffic is imminent. I crawl toward the Jane Byrne Interchange that circles the city, losing speed the closer I come to downtown. I dodge countless cars that dart into my lane to get an inch ahead. The trip has...

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When You Speak To A Camera Instead Of A Room Full Of People

Pastors are now finding themselves preaching to a congregation they can't see. The technology available to live-broadcast is wonderful, but can be difficult to manage. Here are tips from Knute Larson to navigate the new world of online worship services during Coronavirus. Preach the Word. Nothing has changed there. Talk about the...

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